Blood from the nose. Why is bleeding from the nose


  • Blood from the nose. Reasons and First Aid
  • What diseases can cause nosebleeds? Why is bleeding from the nose in the absence of injury?
  • When the appearance of blood from the nose can be dangerous to humans?
  • First Aid for the blood from the nose

  • Under the bleeding is commonly understood as steppingblood outside the vascular bed. If blood flows into the environment, referred to as external bleeding, if permeates tissue, flows into the body cavity, it is called internal. Despite the fact that the most life-threatening because of the difficulty of detection, it is considered internal bleeding, outside, even such as the bleeding from the nose, can also pose a threat to human health.

    Blood from the nose. Reasons and First Aid

    With the advent of blood from the nose, we often enoughWe encounter in everyday life, and often do not attach any importance to this symptom. And in vain, because the causes of nosebleeds are very diverse and not always harmless. Why is bleeding from the nose, and what health effects it can have?

    Going beyond the blood of the blood vessels is possible in two cases:

    • When you break or fracture (arrosion) of the vascular wall as a result of illness or injury;
    • When propotevanie (diapedesis) through intact blood vessels, which may be due either to increased permeability of the vascular walls, or to changes in the composition of the blood itself.

    Blood from the nose. Why is bleeding from the nose The most common cause of blood from the noseis damage to blood vessels of the anterior nasal septum (Kisselbaha place), densely penetrated by a network of small arterioles and capillaries. Violation of the integrity of the blood vessels occurs in injuryOften at inaccurate removal of dry crusts, rough scratching and blowing nose nose. Such bleeding is usually not a threat to human health. Blood flows from the nose drops or a thin stream and, under normal coagulation, quickly stopped themselves.

    The situation is worse when damaged blood vesselsupper and posterior parts of the nasal cavity. Arteries are much larger than in the anterior region, and therefore bleeding is abundant, can cause serious injury and even lead to death of the patient. Blood from the nose in this case implies no bright red foam jet, can show out of his mouth, and practically does not stop on their own. Another manifestation of the bleeding may become bloody vomiting - a consequence of the ingestion of blood flow into the throat from the nose. The causes of bleeding from the back of the nose are severe injuries of the facial skeleton, skull and nose, as well as diseases of the nasal cavity, resulting in the destruction of the vessel wall.

    What diseases can cause nosebleeds? Why is bleeding from the nose in the absence of injury?

    Nasal bleeding can be a symptom of general diseases of the body, and the result of pathology arising in the nasal cavity.

    The most frequent cause of the common blood from the nose is high blood pressureFor example, in hypertension, kidney disease and heart disease. In this case, bleeding is usually preceded by headache, ringing in the ears and dizziness.

    Increased bleeding mucosa may be a symptom of diseases associated with bleeding disorders (Diseases of the blood, spleen, liver), or a manifestation of disease, in which there are degenerative changes in the vascular wall, it increased permeability and vulnerabilityFor example, atherosclerosis, and other deficiency diseases. Many infectious diseases, such as influenza, accompanied by the appearance of blood from the nose. The reason is vascular injury by toxins viruses.

    And, of course, the destruction of the blood vessels may be caused by neoplastic processes in the nasal cavity. In a study of patients over the nosebleeds often found benign (polyp, angioma, papillomas) and malignant (cancer and sarcoma) tumors. At the same time most people notice that the blood from the nose they have repeatedly walked.

    Diseases that can cause discharge of blood from the nose a lot. But sometimes cause bleeding are quite harmless everyday situations, for example, low atmospheric pressure, a hike in the bath, being under the open sun, great physical strain, pregnancy and others. Most often, the blood from the nose in this case appears spontaneously from one half, fast stops and poses no danger to humans.

    Blood from the nose of the child often appears as a result of blood vessel injury upon impact or careless nasal cleansing. The reason for the bleeding may be bad habit picking his nose, small children can alsodamage the lining, poking his nose toys and other foreign objects. Often the mother is frightened when during an influenza, rubella, measles, whooping cough and even SARS in her offspring without apparent reason appears nosebleeds. The baby vessels are much more sensitive to the action of microbial toxins than an adult, and this explains the increased bleeding mucosa during infection. Nosebleeds in children and can serve as a signal of severe diseases of the blood, blood vessels, lungs or heart. Therefore, if the blood from the nose of the child - a common phenomenon, is more cautious and be sure to consult with your doctor.

    When the appearance of blood from the nose can be dangerous to humans?

    Naturally, it becomes dangerous discharge of bloodfrom the nose, or a strong jet for a long time. At the same time the patient begins to suffer from acute blood loss. It appears dizziness, flies before his eyes, pale skin and mucous membranes, cold sweat. The pulse becomes weak and frequent, possible loss of consciousness. This situation requires immediate medical attention, but in the case of less severe bleeding is not worth to sit "with folded hands" to take all measures to stop the blood loss quickly.

    First Aid for the blood from the nose

    • Blood from the nose. Why is bleeding from the noseThe patient shows a complete rest in a positionhalf-sitting with moderate head thrown back. Strong tilt your head backwards should not avoid flowing of blood from the nose to the nasopharynx and subsequent ingestion. The slope in front of the head as bad as it increases blood flow to the nose and causes increased bleeding. The blood that still hit the throat, be sure to spit.
    • If the patient from whom the blood of the nose, is unconscious, he laid on his back, turning her head to the side, and transported to the hospital immediately.
    • The patient is forbidden to blow your nose, as it prevents the formation of a blood clot, sealing defect of the vessel, and hence the cessation of bleeding.
    • On the nose put an ice pack or a cloth dampened with cold water.
    • If the bleeding is not abundant, the nose wings tightly pressed to the middle partition, and so on to keep the blood stops.
    • If blood from the nose is strong enough,deep into the nasal passage is introduced turunda of cotton wool soaked in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or a hemostatic sponge (available at pharmacies), and deliver the patient to the doctor.

    Blood from the nose - not such a harmless symptom. And so it is important to realize that if the bleeding does not stop, despite the measures taken by you, or if the blood from the nose stands out a strong stream, and the patient begins to feel ill, you should immediately seek medical attention. Qualified treatment and require a detailed examination of the situation when nosebleeds occur with surprising regularity.

    Treat carefully to their health, learn to understand your body's signals, and then he will present to you not one unpleasant surprise in the form of spontaneous appearance of blood from the nose!

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