Scarlet fever in children: prevention, quarantine


Despite the common perception among people belief childhood infections may
be extremely dangerous. Particular caution parents should cause scarlet fever in children. prevention
the spread of the infection in the first place involves careful attention
to the child's health. Any sickness, the appearance of pain in the throat, runny nose and the
a rash on the body should be a signal to call the doctor. Sometimes symptoms
lubricated, and if the infection remains unrecognized, scarlet fever outbreak in the garden, or the manger
the school can not be avoided.

What if a child is ill with scarlet fever?

  • Scarlet fever in children: prevention, quarantineIn the event of suspected scarlet fever
    the child should be left at home, call a doctor and, in the case of confirmation of the diagnosis,
    report to the child care of the infection.
  • If the house has other children, should be patient
    put to bed in a separate room, in the absence of such a possibility
    bed to block the screen. Do not allow the patient to the other children, while caring
    him to use a change of clothes, robe, scarf, cotton-gauze or
    disposable bandage.
  • In order to avoid domestic outbreak of scarlet fever in children, prevention involves not only the patient's isolation, but also the allocation of his separate dishes,
    toys and hygiene items.
  • Scarlet fever patient is considered to be dangerous to
    others since onset. Insulation and other preventive
    measures must clearly be respected by all members of the family before the arrival of the doctor.
  • scarlet fever Treatment possible both in terms
    hospital and at home. The doctor will allow the patient to leave the house in the event that
    If the disease is mild, if it is possible to isolate it from the
    other children, and to provide him with proper care and treatment.
  • If it is decided to treat the child at home, all
    the above rules isolation and care must be observed to the full
  • If the sick child is sent for treatment in
    hospital, in the room where he was, final disinfection is carried out.
  • Because the latency period of scarlet fever continues
    12 days, all children in contact with the patient and potentially infected
    scarlet fever should be isolated for this period.

Scarlet fever in the garden
or school

  • Scarlet fever in children: prevention, quarantineSince it is believed that the first three days
    sick with scarlet fever the least dangerous to others, the chance of infection
    children exposed to them is quite small. Children continue to walk in the garden or
    school, but it is necessary to strengthen control of their health. at
    revealing a pharyngitis, tonsillitis or nasopharyngitis they are isolated immediately.
  • If the children's group revealed repeated
    cases of such diseases as scarlet fever,
    garden, school or other facility disinfection. terms
    disinfection sets District epidemiologist. The establishment at the time of treatment
    stops working, what previously inform parents of healthy
  • The child had been ill with scarlet fever, allowed
    child care with the doctor's permission 12 days after recovery. If
    consider that scarlet fever is considered infectious and treated for six weeks,
    it turns out that the total duration of the quarantine is 54 days (at least 52
    day). In mild cases, a quarantine time can be reduced to 30
  • If the patient is a child living in a children's
    institution, period of isolation from other children should be at least 52
  • Children up to 12 years, without a history of scarlet fever, but
    in contact with the sick are not allowed for other children for 12 days
    the date of last contact. If they did not after this time
    revealed no suspicious against scarlet fever symptoms, they
    continue to visit the children's collective.
  • Children over 12 and adults with a history and
    bolevshie scarlet fever, in contact with the patient, allowed the team immediately
    After its isolation, disinfection, linen and a change of clothes. compulsory
    condition - the lack of inflammatory changes in the pharynx and monitoring
    health for 12 days.

A bit of vaccination

Vaccinations of scarlet fever vaccine are held, consisting of
killed streptococci and scarlet inactivated toxin. Before
vaccination sample is placed on the susceptibility to scarlet fever. Children immunized against
scarlet fever, sick to five to six times less likely to unvaccinated; even if they
develops disease, it is mild and without complications. duration
Actions vaccinated - half or two years, after that a booster is required.

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