Sleep disorders in children - a cause for action


Sleep disorders in children - a cause for action
Every adult encountered in their livesthe problem of sleep disorders and know how it affects the overall health and mood. Lack of sleep makes us tired, irritable and prone to aggression. Just imagine what happens to a young child in violation of the regime of the night and the day of rest?

Children, depending on age, there are certain rules of sleep, under which the child will not have health problems, namely:

  • Newborn baby in the general day to sleep at least 16 hours.
  • Scarce aged 6 months - 14.5 hours.
  • One year old baby should sleep 13.5 hours.
  • Two-Year - 13 hours.
  • A child of 4 years - 11 hours.
  • In 6 years, the rate of sleep - 9.5 hours.
  • A child under the age of 12 years - 8.5 hours.

This is why sleep disturbance in a child - ita reason for action, but not to panic. According to statistics from sleep problems occur slightly more than 20% of all children. But despite this abundance, we can not lose sight of this fact, because sleep disturbances may lead to quite serious problems with physical health and mental well-being of children.

Causes of sleep disorders in children

To parents' actions to address sleep problems in children were correct and efficient as possible, initially you need to understand the reason for their appearance.

Sleep problems the child may have a completely different reasons that can be systematized as follows:

  • Emotional overload ;.
  • Physical discomfort ;.
  • Somatic problems ;.
  • Neurological disorders ;.
  • Physiological characteristics of sleep, or a genetic predisposition ;.
  • Violation diet.

The emotional burden - one of the mostcommon causes of sleep disorders in children. This is not surprising, children's psychological state is very unstable, and even small stresses can adversely affect him. This also applies to positive emotions, their overabundance also entails a difficulty in falling asleep.

"Sleepy" problems often arisedue to physical discomfort. This can be uncomfortable clothes, cutting teeth, intestinal cramps and stuff that gives discomfort. This cause is removed fairly easily, we need only find out what's bothering the little man.

In many cases the cause of poor sleep inchild are somatic disorders, that is, any diseases of internal organs, the symptoms of which provokes the phenomenon of insomnia. In identifying the reasons for this should immediately consult a doctor and undergo the necessary examination.

It's no secret that the state of the centralnervous system and the usefulness of sleep are inextricably linked. When violations of the nervous system, sooner or later show up and sleep problems.

If your child has appeared insomniaother violations of the night's rest, then first of all remember, if someone from the baby-like illness suffered older relatives. But be careful, a genetic predisposition to sleep disturbances is very easily confused with symptoms of more serious diseases.

An important role in the establishment of full andhealthy sleep schedule also plays power. If crumb late supper, or whether it is weaned from breastfeeding, the trouble falling asleep just provided.

If you notice a tendency to have restless sleepyour child, do not let on "drift" of this situation, because it can lead to some serious consequences. To take timely action, or better still consult your pediatrician, who knows exactly how to help your child sleep.

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