How to cure incurable autism?


What is autism?

How to cure incurable autism?
First of all, it is not one disease, but a wholerange of different neurological diseases and disorders of behavior, united by some common features: significant impairment of social and communicative functions of the child and the reduction of interest in dialogue with other people.

A child with autism is almost incapable ofthe establishment of relations with other people, society and the world, his fortune almost defies traditional treatments. Sick children are often found violations of nonverbal communication: lack of eye contact, gestures and strange unusual postures.

In most cases, autistic childrenthere are significant problems of speech development, and the absence of words is not compensated by gestures or facial expressions. Children with normally developed speech communication refuse, do not watch the interlocutor in the eye and do not show interest in the conversation, and their speech is replete with repetition of the same phrases, words or syllables.

For the first time about autism as a disease of talkingonly about 60 years ago, but in those days these disorders were extremely rare. Today, the spread of autism compared to the scale of the epidemic that has engulfed the whole world, and the number of sick children has already reached one to 200. In some countries the statistic becomes even more alarming - in England, for example, the sick child of 60.

The reasons for the rapid growth of diseaseautism is not yet fully established. The movement accuses the opponents of immunization in that vaccination and mercury contained in vaccines, where the poisoning really gives a similar picture of the disease. Mercury poisoning can occur in other ways - through the mother's amalgam fillings, mercury-contaminated seafood, industrial waste, pesticides, various synthetic materials, and medicines.

Traditional treatment: a road to nowhere

almost no conventional medicineable to offer any medication for the treatment of autism. Most often, patients prescribed stimulants (eg "Ritalin") and neuroleptics ( "Risperidone"), which are only able to suppress the symptoms and make the situation more bearable for the parents who have to cultivate antisocial child.

Such treatment does not contribute to the development of speech inthe patient or the formation of a contact with the outside world, it can only make a child less aggressive and restless, more convenient for others. For this convenience, however, have to pay a hefty price - the side effects of drugs far outweigh their positive effects.

We get out of the impasse: homeopathy

An alternative to stun the child drugs, as in many other cases, a naturopathy and homeopathy. Treatment of autism natural methods based on three pillars:

  • a strict diet without gluten and casein;
  • behavioral therapy;
  • homeopathy.

Studies show that the digestiveautistic defective system works - it is unable to break down many of the proteins, and the most difficulty arises in the splitting of molecules of gluten (the protein contained in most grains) and casein (milk protein). intestine wall in patients with autism are permeable, so the undigested molecules are released into the bloodstream and act on the child's brain like opiates, causing addicted to starchy foods and dairy products.

Parents of autistic children is well known that patientsChildren often refuse any food, except the one that gives them the satisfaction of a narcotic. They drink milk and eat huge quantities of flour only, over and over again cause a feeling of calm and euphoria, because they are closed in their own fantasy world.

How to cure incurable autism?
In this case, as in the conventional drugs,parents should first take the child intoxicating drug. Translate autistic on a diet without gluten and casein is not easy, but without it the other therapies can provide only a temporary and unstable result because the child will remain under the influence of intoxicating substances consciousness. By itself, the diet does not cure the patient, but it will create the necessary conditions for healing.

Many developmental disorders autistic welltreatable classical homeopathy, homeopath if the individual approach to each case, and is among the dozens of medications is the only one that sounds like it was this child. Autism Treatment - a long and painstaking work, which may take several months before the first results, but it leads to striking results, contributing to the development of speech and socialization, causing the child's desire to establish contact with others and developing communication skills.

During homeopathic treatment invaluablehelp can be the work of speech therapists, audiologists, physical therapists and child psychologists. It will help to quickly make up for lost time and form of conversational and social skills of the child. Autism Treatment should be comprehensive, it can not be limited to the introduction of the necessary diet, taking homeopathic medication or behavioral therapy.

Autism - it is not a sentence. Autistic children can and should be treated.

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