Windmill and virus for sale


Windmill and virus for sale

Windmill and virus for sale«We do not make vaccinations. I try to make a child to the maximum with childish infections. Recently arranged «Windmattery». Gathered with girlfriends and children and from one infected all other children with windmill. Everything is excellent»

Such revelations began to regularly appear on social networks. Fashion by «Windmill parties» came from the USA, where such events are not uncommon. The essence of them is that parents lead to a child of their children's sick-harsham, based on the fact that they will pick up the windmill virus and, having sorts, will acquire healthy natural immunity against this infection. Those who could not arrive at the party, generous parents, if desired, can send «Windmill candy» — candy, moistened by saliva their sick baby.

For some reason, the negligent moms and dad believe that, condemning the child to the disease, they retain his health, because they save from «scary» complications accompanying vaccination against windmill.

For reference: chickenpox or chickenpox — Extremely infectious viral infectious disease, accompanied by intoxication of the body, appearance on the skin and mucousty spheres filled with transparent content. The causative agent is herpes 3 type virus, which is multiplied only in the human body, and when entering the environment, quickly dies under the action of sunlight and high temperatures. Infection comes from a sick person. The transfer of windmill virus through household items and third parties is unlikely.

Where did the passion for child infection?

Parent arguments: Let the child be better in childhood, than then.

In the reality: The windmill refers to the number of fairly light infections and in fact, in childhood it is moved easier than in adult. It is typically easy to dislike, excitability, plasticity, decreased appetite and the appearance of skin rashes in the form of bubbles that are taking off, turn into crusts. When the crusts are disappeared, the skin becomes clean, sometimes small rings remain.

In strong healthy kids, the windmill can occur even in an erased form, practically non-violating the child's condition, however, if the baby immunity is not strong enough or there are some concomitant diseases, the windmill may acquire a threatening course. Bull shape of the disease with the formation of long non-healing ulcers, hemorrhagic form with hemorrhage, gangrene form — In such cases, there is a real threat to the child's life. Question: Is it worth deliberately exposing the child with risk, giving him «Windmill candy»?

Parent Arguments: Immunity, which is formed after the disease is stronger than after vaccine, and allergic is excluded.

In the reality: Forming after vaccination against windmill protection, not inferior to such after the disease and this is confirmed by research.

Parent Arguments: Grafting — Rough intervention in the child's body and can cause autoimmune disorders, autism, allergies, asthma and even type 2 diabetes mellitus.

In the reality: No evidence that vaccines cause autoimmune diseases, no rumors that they can provoke the development of autism, long been dispelled. During vaccination in the child's body, a much smaller number of alien protein is falling, which can cause allergies and asthma, among other things.

Modern vaccinations are safe, which you will not say about the diseases from which they protect. For example, 1-2 children die of 1000 sicks, while 3000-4000 grafts, only 1 of the kids will increase the temperature and the risk of febrile convulsion will increase.

Think not only about yourself!

Windmill and virus for saleIt is clear that each of us has the right to abandon the vaccinations in the most different considerations, the likelihood is not the likelihood that a child is not the most terrible child infection in a light form. But after all, someone is lucky!

Vaccination against windmill — This is, first of all, the creation of collective immunity aimed at combating the disease. It suffices to remember that thanks to vaccines completely disappeared, poliomyelitis, which brings in disabilities and deformities. The incidence of measles often flowing with serious complications has decreased, difftheria has almost occurred, less than viral hepatitis in. The point is not even that people have become less susceptible to these infections, simply microbes, «desperate to find sacrifices» And slowly «died out».
If the tradition of windmill parties is rooted, windmill virus «Street» and will be victorious to march the world, and no one knows how long he will take. In the past year, in 16 states of the world, the increase in the incidence of measles was noted, fallen outbursts were recorded, «Raised her head» Difteria and the position of short-sighted parents who refuse to instill their children here did not play a latter role.

Official newsletter «Windmill candy» In the US, it did not take it, it is announced outside the law, as well as mailing of any infected items. However, no one can cancel the windmake meetings; there are no such laws. So thousands of kids continue to be dangerous due to the oddities of their parents. Hopefully, in Russia with its richest experience in combating infectious diseases and the highest-organized in the world «Vicious» the system, the experience of intentional infection of children does not fit.

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