Diabetes in children


  • Gena to blame?
  • Thirst - as alarm signal
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  • Gena to blame?

    Sugar diabetes is a disease that can be transmitted from parents
    To the child. Not always, but there are such cases. The group is increased
    Risk includes children whose brothers or sisters, parents, grandmothers
    or grandfathers suffer from diabetes. They have a weakened protection from
    adverse factors affecting the beta cells of the pancreas
    glands. They are more than others, and threatens diabetes.

    Such a child must be protected from everything that may entail
    Development of the disease. First of all, it is the overload of the pancreas
    glands. Overeating, excess in the diet of flour dishes, confectionery
    products, sweets, grapes, sweet apples and pears for nothing good
    Do not lead, Pediatrician doctors consider. Excess body weight, obesity
    predispose to the development of diabetes, so from the first days
    The child's life needs to keep all the feeding rules.

    Some viral diseases can also have provoking,
    Especially rubella, pig and flu. Sometimes the disease is manifested and after
    Eshiba Belly. The cause of diabetes can be neuropsychological
    Stress, strong fright, conflict situations in the family, school, children's
    Garden. Ask the child whether it feels comfortable enough
    yourself in a new society.

    Thirst - as alarm signal

    The first and most characteristic signs of diabetes are increased thirst. Child
    asks to drink not only the day, but also at night (an exception can be summer
    time). If your child often asks to the toilet, it is also a reason for
    Immediate appeal to the doctor!

    During the rapid development of the disease in children often rises appetite.
    But, despite the fact that the child eats a lot and drinks, he is losing weight, complains
    weakness, dry mouth. In this case, urgently contact the doctor,
    To avoid further complications - diabetic coma, decline
    Cardiac activity, renal function.

    The doctor has enough fast and accurate diagnostic methods
    Sugar diabetes. Treatment begins immediately after
    Research. And parents should be prepared for this - with the greatest
    Scrupulsiness to fulfill all the requirements of the doctor. Only so you can
    Prevent serious complications.


    Diabetes in children
    The basis for the treatment of diabetes - diet. Do not immediately configure
    yourself on the fact that it is a hard work. And most importantly - no need to
    the presence of a child to crushed and regret it. Everything is pretty simple.
    Four a child must be definitely five times a day – First and second
    breakfasts, lunch, hill dinner, dinner. Bread, porridge, potatoes are limited by
    Specification of the doctor, sweets are excluded. Useful vegetables rich

    If there are no allergic reactions to citrus, you can give oranges and
    Mandarins, Fishing Apples, Currant, Gooseberry, Plums, Cherries,
    sea ​​buckthorn, black rowan. From strawberries and strawberries it is better to refuse
    Or give occasionally and gradually. And how to be with watermelon that children so
    Love? In this, as a rule, you can not refuse a child, but observe
    Mere: no more than one slices of watermelon for dessert one or twice a week.

    If in the presence of the child adults eat cakes, pies, ice cream, and
    he constantly remind him that he is sick and he has it impossible
    Sweets become emergency temptation for him. therefore
    restriction of sweets, compliance with the power mode should be common
    the rule in the family, and then the child gets used to the diet very easily.

    Physical training

    Good assimilation and reduction in blood sugar can also contribute
    physical exercise. They will reduce the dose of inserted insulin. But
    Physical education should be discussed and coordinated with the doctor.
    The fact is that in insulin-dependent children, blood sugar level
    Different instability. It can and dramatically rise, and sharply
    Fall by causing hypoglycemia. Therefore, sports exercises with
    baby is better to spend in those hours when the sugar level is increased.

    From the lessons of physical culture at school and especially from participation in
    Competitions are better to refuse. Physical education at home also not
    It is necessary to be carried away, hypoglycemia can develop with high load.

    You can cope with the disease, you only need to understand that compliance
    Diets and regimes are a guarantee of the child's health. However, you need to do
    everything so that it is not «Leaning in the disease», knew that he was the same as all
    ordinary children. And help him may have a family.

    It's important to know

    Since children are predominantly an insulin-dependent type of sugar
    diabetes, without insulin injections in the overwhelming majority of cases
    It is impossible to do. It is desirable that the parents know how to make injections themselves
    Insulin under the skin. It is also important to conduct constant level control of sugar
    in blood using glucometrov.

    By the way, a diabetic society is now conducting an action on the distribution
    Sugar measurement devices. The child needs a permanent, attentive
    parental eye so that any changes in his condition have passed
    unnoticed. Need and permanent advice of the doctor. Without it
    Board Cannot make adjustments to the child's day, diet and even more so
    In the treatment.
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