Feeding a child with cystic fibrosis


  • How to feed your baby?
  • Special conditions necessary for the child
  • Social benefits for patients with cystic fibrosis in Russia

  • How to feed baby

    Feeding a child with cystic fibrosisThe best food for the baby first year of life is breast milk.

    When artificial feeding possiblethe use of special mixtures - will recommend their doctor. The diet of the child suffering from cystic fibrosis, should be 120-150% of the age norm. Thus 30% of the food composition should be given fat.

    A child who receives special enzymespancreas, can eat everything put him in age. A small child can not swallow the capsule whole, so the granules are poured from the capsule on a spoon, mixed with milk, formula or juice and give the child at the beginning of the meal. When the baby teeth erupt, be careful that it does not bite pellets.

    When administered in the diet of the child new productsTry to make a focus on high-calorie foods: cream, cream, creamy yogurt, honey, butter. For example, by preparing a breakfast cereal with milk, add the butter and 1-2 tablespoons of cream.

    The kid should get plenty of fluids, in volume2 times the age limit. When violations have baby chair (frequent, greasy, unformed, offensive), the appearance of pain in the abdomen just need to inform the specialist.

    A child with cystic fibrosis lose through sweat a lotthe amount of mineral salts. In severe cases this can lead to unconsciousness. Therefore, in the hot season, as well as increased the child's body temperature must also add some salt write (from 1 to 5 grams of salt a day).

    Special conditions necessary for the child

    It is better, if a child with cystic fibrosis,It will have its own, separate, well-ventilated room. This is due to the need to provide conditions for practicing physiotherapy, inhalations. It is desirable that all members of the family were involved in the process of providing parents feasible assistance (child can not be left alone even in a more adult, need frequent consultation with the doctor, the six-time mode of feeding the baby after it reaches 1 year, regular intake of drugs requires constant monitoring). Private family members should be completely excluded.

    Carrying out preventive vaccination

    Vaccinations child needsdone in the usual way - in accordance with the vaccination calendar. In acute bronchopulmonary process schedule of immunizations must be agreed with the pediatrician. In autumn it is desirable to be vaccinated against influenza.

    Social benefits for patients with cystic fibrosis in Russia

    Treatment of cystic fibrosis requires large financialthe cost of medicines, medical equipment, transportation to the place of treatment. People suffering from this disease in Russia are disabled from childhood and have a number of social benefits. Therefore, immediately after the setting of the diagnosis is necessary to issue a disability in the community and receive a certificate. Children with cystic fibrosis get through pharmacies all necessary preparations for the treatment free of charge.

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