Types of Caries: Surface and Deep Caries in Children


Caries occurs in 80% of children 1-6 years. Promote
Development of the disease is poor quality oral hygiene and the abundance of carbohydrates in
child nutritional diet. Disease is subject to compulsory treatment, since caries
— This is a chronic hearth infection that can provoke appearance
Pulita, otita, osteomyelitis and other dangerous complications.

Types of Caries: Surface and Deep Caries in Children

Common varieties of caries:

  • elementary;
  • surface;
  • average;
  • deep.

The initial caries is characterized by the presence of white spots on
Dental enamel in a child. Over time, stains acquire brown or black
Tint, which speaks about the progression of the disease and transitioning it to the stage of surface caries: in children
At this stage, complaints of short-term pain may appear,
arising in response to the contact of the affected tooth with hot or cold

Surface carious process
easy to treat conservative methods. If help is not provided
will, quickly develops medium and deep caries in children. At the same time collapsed
Most enamel (especially near the edge of the gums) and dentin.

Treatment of superficial and deep caries in children

Caries in children are usually treated without the use of born. Doctor
uses local funds that repeatedly inflicts for dental enamel. They are
May contain fluorine, silver ions and other components, remineralizing enamel
and protecting it from negative environmental factors. If the initial caries
develops on indigenous teeth, the dentists recommend carrying out
Sealing fissour. This procedure implies chewing
Surfaces of the teeth (where the remains of food and microbial falling) accumulate
Special sealant. After sealing, Fissur can significantly reduce
Risk of caries and destruction of permanent teeth.

Types of Caries: Surface and Deep Caries in Children

But deep
Caries in children are usually treated using bormers and sealing
Materials. The affected fabrics are drilled or softened by special
chemicals, after which the doctor installs a seal. Modern
Restoration materials allow you to effectively adjust any defects
dental enamel without breaking the quality of chewing and not reducing the aesthetic smile

A special role is assigned
Prevention of caries. If the child has signs of teeth defeat
the carious process, it is worth throwing all the forces not only for the treatment of pathology, but
and to prevent the occurrence of recurrence of the disease. Children's dentist will help
pick up high-quality equipment for hygiene and teach well cleaned
Inaccessible sections of teeth, where carious defects are most often developing
childhood. Do not forget to regularly show the kid to the doctor, because
initial signs of caries parents, as a rule, do not notice.

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