When and how best to shoot down the temperature of your child?


  • Normal temperature in a child
  • What you need to shoot down the temperature of your child?
  • How best to bring down the temperature of your child?

  • When and how best to shoot down the temperature of your child?Increased body temperature - a reaction to
    disease. By raising the temperature, it tries to create an environment unfit
    pathogen. Therefore, before deciding how to remove the child's temperature, you should consider, and
    it is terrible and harmful, it is necessary
    whether it is to shoot down the temperature of the child if it does not deliver him

    Normal temperature in a child

    Children are born with an imperfect system of thermoregulation,
    so finding small
    the temperature in the two-month baby, do not beat all the bells. Normal temperature in infants
    child - to 37.50C is considered elevated - 37.8 a 0FROM.
    In addition, hyperthermia in infants can be caused not only by the fact that he was ill, the child can
    overheat and the temperature
    may increase, if the room is too hot, and it is warmly dressed. Incidentally, one
    of the reasons why a child
    rising temperature in a dream, is this factor.

    The reason
    raising the temperature of a child older are the most likely
    infectious diseases. At the same time, it is worth considering that the temperature of the child after a year
    It may be a consequence of its increased activity, or resulting reception hot
    food. Therefore, before taking the medication, it is worth remembering that the temperature in children should be measured after 30 minutes
    stay at rest, and 30 minutes after ingestion. The normal temperature for a child
    over a year - to 36.90With the "heat" is considered to be a temperature of more than

    What you need to shoot down the temperature of your child?

    Uniform guidelines do not exist, but the majority of doctors
    I agree that bring down the temperature if it does not reach 38.50FROM,
    do not do it.

    In some cases it is not
    worth waiting for the number "38.5"

    • high
      the temperature of an infant up to 2 months.
    • Against the background of the high temperature of the child previously had convulsions.
    • high
      the temperature of the child, cold extremities, skin marble
      spotting a pale-bluish color.
    • The presence of the child's heart disease.
    • Violation of consciousness, the child does not wake up,
      inconsolable crying, bad breath, can not bend his neck and tilt the head forward,
      a child's high temperature,
      diarrhea and vomiting. In these cases, you should not only give antipyretic
      means, but also immediately call a doctor.

    How best to bring down the temperature of your child?

    1. If the child has a high fever,
      Kuta is not it, put it easy, do not Cover the blanket, if he was not shivering. Body
      must breathe, it helps to decrease the temperature of a child by 1-1.5 degrees. Air baths
      can do to normalize the body temperature in an infant.
    2. Very high fever in a child
      cold limbs, pale bluish skin, chills - an indication that the
      superficial skin vessels spasmatic. Little need to grind dry soft
      towel, shelter, heating pads attach to the arms and legs, to give a warm drink. TO
      cooling procedures can begin when the child gets warm.
    3. extend the
      superficial blood vessels, improve perspiration and reduce the heat in
      Child helps chamomile tea, honey, raspberry, lime color. During
      disease shows abundant drink: tea, acidic fruit drinks, broth hips,
      still mineral water. Remember, herbal teas for children under one year can not be given, it
      It shows only the outer
      Folk remedies for fever in children.
    4. effective
      rubdown with baby
      temperature weak vinegar solution or lukewarm water. Total rubdown
      It begins with the feet and palms, then the limbs, back and belly. It is important to
      baby feel comfortable, chills - an indication for termination of the procedure.
      For wiping it is not recommended to use alcohol or diluted vodka. Kids Only wiping pens
      legs, cool compresses to the popliteal region and wrists.
    5. Wraps wet sheet and cool shower
      will help to reduce the high
      the temperature in the older child. Younger babe warm suit
      (Below 380C) bath (15-20 minutes) from the body rubdown with a damp sponge.

    Clearly, any medications are not very good for health, but
    It hopes that will reduce
    the child's temperature solely by traditional methods, is not necessary.
    If the child is "lit", he feels bad, and attempts to bring down temperature
    described methods have not been successful, it is necessary to apply more effective
    means the temperature at

    Do not forget, a sharp increase in body temperature in a child - evidence of failure in
    body. But the temperature - only a symptom of the disease, which means that all the forces
    should be directed not to what to see on the thermometer cherished 36, 9, and
    combating disease itself and can not do without medical care. Remember, very high fever in a child
    - Reason for emergency call doctor.

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