9 simple ways to part with bad habits


  • Sit at home
  • Admit your mistakes
  • Start with pure sheet
  • Get on everything and immediately
  • Do not justify
  • Make a schedule
  • Dead ambitions
  • Find like-minded people
  • Record your achievements

  • Those who decide close to engage in their health help
    Some simple tips from psychologists and nutritionists. Follow them
    It is so difficult, but to say goodbye to bad habits with their help
    It will be much easier.

    Sit at home

    If you are a fan of noisy companies and friendly gatherings, refuse
    From cigarettes or harmful food you will be extremely difficult, because it is on
    Parties do us most «Tighten» Or chew chips.
    Oddly enough, a bad example is infectious.

    Scientists say that falling
    In the company, for example, smokers, we subconsciously allow themselves
    smoking — «because they smoke all the rest». So9 simple ways to part with bad habits, If you are gathered
    fight for a healthy lifestyle, about hiking for guests and bars better on
    Time to forget.

    Admit your mistakes

    Many of us may have a lot of bad habits, which we even
    Do not suspect. For example, incorrect food addictions. Post by
    ourselves: You may be laid out from each chocolate that you will see
    Table colleagues. Or prefer to ride two stop bus
    Instead of walking on foot. All these, at first glance, little things,
    also harm your health and also long ago switched to category
    habits. Realize that — Already take the first step towards improving.

    Start with pure sheet

    A recent study of English physicians showed that many
    Smokers are easier to cope with the predilection of nicotine during sharp
    Changes in their lives.

    For example, after dismissal or moving to another
    city. Others, on the contrary, can not cope with changes without
    Cigarette. If you have to change jobs, marry, go to
    Travel or even change the hairstyle — Try at the same time
    Throw bad habits. Perhaps on the background of more global change
    It will be easier for you to change your lifestyle to healthy.

    Get on everything and immediately

    Do not think that «Well, if I throw smoking, I can afford
    drink, and also eat good». Give away all harmful
    the habits of the scope will be much easier than from each in turn. by the way,
    As shown by the study of the National Institute of Heart Problems and
    Light Britain, some habits literally complement and stimulate
    each other. For example, smoking and alcoholism or improper nutrition and
    TV dependence. So to say goodbye to one, you have to forget and
    About another.

    Do not justify

    Many smokers or alcoholics know perfectly about how harm
    apply to their body, and nevertheless continue «trave».
    The reason is that a person who is constantly talked about the fact that he
    behaves wrong, inclined to find an excuse and even some
    ephemeral benefit in their bad habits.

    Many women, for example,
    do not part with cigarettes, because they do not give them weight. How
    They say doctors, such people quit the hardest. Therefore, if you
    want to abandon the bad habit, once and forever decide that for
    You are worse — Several unnecessary kilograms or lung cancer.

    Make a schedule

    If you decide to abandon unhealthy food and go to so
    called a balanced diet, first of all clearly determine that
    exactly unhealthy you eat. With blurry wording «healthy
    Lifestyle» You will not leave. Make a list of products,
    the consumption of which you want to cut, and even better — Sewing your own
    Day diet on days and strictly follow him.

    Dead ambitions

    If one day you decide that tomorrow you will take
    a day in a row, most likely, this is a beautiful tomorrow for you not
    Never comes. What is larger than the goal you set up,
    the more reasons will be found in order to refuse it. So
    It is better to start with little steps: sign up for a gym on one or two
    classes per week, for example.

    Find like-minded people

    It's no secret that a difficult thing will be easier if you do together.
    Sagitize my wife or friend to throw smoking with you; translate
    family on healthy eating; Sign up with colleagues in one fitness club. IN
    end, boot the dog — Daily walks will already make your
    Lifestyle is healthier.

    Record your achievements

    If you have achieved at least some progress in the abandonment of harmful
    habits — ate a salad instead of hamburger, lived day without a cigarette or
    went from work to the subway on foot, — be sure to write somewhere
    His record. So you will constantly see the results of your efforts, and
    It will be an additional motivation to continue trying.

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