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  • Chickenpox is considered a children's disease. Almost every one of us,
    having sadikovskoe past had chickenpox. Those who suffered
    disease at older ages, with horror remember these few
    Days in Hell: unbearable itching, the temperature is below 40 ... Therefore, in many
    countries there is a tradition of "varicella matinees." Parents
    prefer to go through some difficult days with a sick child,
    but protect it from infection in the future. Otmuchilsya, we believe
    themselves shall have the right to forget about this trouble. In fact, virus
    varicella anywhere from the body is not going away and many years may
    remind myself unpleasant disease - herpes leashChickenpox Rings Twiceamu.


    Shingles (herpes zoster), contrary to popular belief, is not a
    parasitic disease - the disease causes varicella-zoster virus from
    gerpesovyh family. In most cases, the source of infection - a
    sick shingles. But the disease can also occur in
    through contact with sick chicken pox as viruses,
    causing both of these diseases are related. However, in this case
    Shingles occurs only in those who have previously suffered
    chicken pox and has acquired a strong immunity to it. Scientists explain this
    so: after chicken pox in the body retained its causative agent,
    which does not manifest itself. But if a person comes into contact again with the
    this infection, the virus is activated and develops the disease. but
    this time not chicken pox and shingles.

    It happens, and vice versa:
    contact with a patient cause shingles (usually in children)
    varicella disease. It is noted that herpes zoster
    susceptible basically age group of 50 people. And more than 60%
    people older than 80 years have already had the disease. The explanation is simple: at
    the elderly immune system is much lower than that of young people, their bodies more
    susceptible to the virus. Exacerbated chronic disease and their background
    Herpes is easier to take possession of the body. And do not forget that it was my grandmother and
    grandfather often remain sick with chickenpox grandchildren!

    first impressions

    most cases, the rash of shingles located at
    one side of the trunk or body (front or back) in the segment
    nerve, through which the virus was released from the nerve plexus. Sometimes rashes
    may appear on other parts of the body, including the head and face.
    The first symptoms of the disease: the appearance on the skin of red plaques also
    possible itching, tingling and burning of the skin. The pain is often localized at
    nerve innervation of course, in most cases, one side of the body. All
    it is accompanied by weakness, feeling of weakness, slightly
    body temperature rises. Then appear on the skin blisters,
    filled with fluid. They are broken and poured out, and in their place
    ulcers occur. Within two to five weeks to heal sores and slow
    crusted. Many disease at this end, but still
    a very long time may be pain along the affected nerves.

    There are atypical forms of lichen:

    • abortive - without blisters;
    • cystic - precipitation in the form of large bubbles;
    • haemorrhagic - bubbles and blisters filled with bloody contents;
    • gangrenosum - tissue necrosis manifested with subsequent scarring.

    forms are treated the same way as a classic. The only difficulty
    - The correct diagnosis of disease. Such a "masking" of the virus
    can perplex even the most experienced doctors! The main thing - not to worry, and
    ascertain the views of a few doctors.

    virus infectivity
    zoster is negligible, and even close contact with the patient not
    always leads to disease. Nevertheless, during the appearance
    patient heavy precipitations preferably not in contact with small
    children and the elderly.

    insidious legacy

    Unfortunately, it also happens that the symptoms depriving already passed, and
    affected areas for a long time hurt. This occurs because
    the basis of this disease is damage to the nervous system: the filter
    virus, the causative agent of herpes zoster, causes inflammation of the nerve
    units - the ganglia. Pain is not only the first but also the most resistant
    manifestation of the disease. Painless Shingles occurs only
    in children. If the inflammatory process involved intervertebral
    ganglia, which is usually the case, there is pain in the intercostal space. If
    It affected the so-called Gasser's ganglion, located at the base
    brain, nagging and constant (or pricking, jerking and
    paroxysmal) pain is localized in the first region (or the second and
    third) branch of the trigeminal nerve.

    If treatment is started promptly,
    the disease is usually favorable. Pain is weakened, then
    and passes as completely remission of the inflammatory process and
    the disappearance of skin rashes: about two to four weeks after
    onset. When treatment is started with a delay (typically
    the fault of the patient, not timely seek medical advice), malaise
    delayed and fraught with complications, such as neuralgia. Then
    pain can not be stopped for a long time, sometimes for years.
    Also, complications of shingles are pyoderma (purulent
    skin lesions), ulceration, scarring, neuralgia and muscle paresis, paresis
    trigeminal or facial nerve, corneal ulceration and Panophthalmitis.

    combat rules

    The contents of
    rash clean, but do not use scented soap or
    Aromatic oils for the bath, to restrict the reception of water treatment - it
    can slow the healing of wounds. By rashes can be applied
    ice cubes, pre-wrapping them with a clean cloth the pressed,
    soaked in the infusion of chamomile. Wear comfortable and loose clothing from
    natural fabrics. Take vitamins that promote skin regeneration
    and nerves: vitamins B, A and E in the diet should be
    enough fresh vegetables, fruit and bread.

    for the treatment of
    Herpes zoster on prescription use modern effective
    Antiviral drugs: Famvir, Valtrex, aciclovir tablets.
    Warning: the timely reception of Famvir and Valtrex protects the patient from
    development of painful post-herpetic neuralgia. The earlier launched
    antivirals intake, the greater the effect of their use.

    Herpes diverse

    rashes that appeared in the lower back and buttocks, take over
    shingles. In fact, we are talking about genital herpes,
    clinical form which is called "menstrual herpes."
    The rash usually located on the buttocks and appear
    shortly before or during menstruation. In this case it is necessary for
    take prescription antiviral drugs, as well as
    consult an endocrinologist for thyroid disease
    cancer. You will have to hand over analyzes on hormones, and in case of illness
    to undergo treatment.Chickenpox Rings Twice

    Take care of your eyes

    Varicella-zoster virus
    It can manifest itself as a disease of the eye! In this case, rash
    It appears on the temples and eyelids, under the eyes. The eye becomes red, swells and
    It hurts. Light enhances the tearing and frustrating sight. Several
    bubbles may appear in the white of the eye. You must also immediately
    consult an ophthalmologist! In no case do not self-medicate.
    The eye should be closed: put on his pad and secure with a bandage. Doctor
    you appoint conservative treatment. First, write out
    immunostimulants, because without a stable immunity to defeat the disease is not
    succeed. Second, offer external antiviral drugs group
    Acyclovir: drops, ointments. Warning: they in any case can not be assigned
    Statement by yourself!

    You may need surgery and
    intervention (depends on the depth and degree of eye injury). In severe
    cases of possible penetrating corneal transplantation.

    virus Way

    As you have had chickenpox, varicella-zoster virus rises to
    plexus - nerve ganglia located near the
    spine, it penetrates them, where is in an inactive state.
    In some people, the virus can "sleep" for life. Others have a
    Reduces immunity factors (for example, serious illness
    or stress) virus "wakes up" and causes shingles. Before
    the end of the activation of the virus causes are not clear. The diagnosis of "herpes zoster"
    put simple - if the typical rash, accompanied by
    painful syndrome, and their localization to specific areas of the body.
    A significant diagnostic challenge may be atypical
    rash, similar to the manifestations of herpes simplex, or zosteriformnaya
    rash caused by the herpes virus. a decisive role in the difficult situations in
    diagnosis play a laboratory study.

    Natural pain relief

    Oil can have a very significant local assistance: to reduce pain,
    dry bubbles and act as antiviral agents. Better
    use a combination of two or three oils. If bubbles are struck
    small skin areas, two to three times per day lubricate them gently
    oils. Use oils of bergamot, eucalyptus and Tea Tree. If the pain is not
    passes, add lavender oil (Lavandula vera): it has
    healing property. Its effect can be enhanced by taking infusion
    lavender flowers, which will give a good relaxing effect. If the
    termination of an acute attack you for a long time tormented by pain, help
    , strengthens the nervous system, for example, 20 drops of tincture
    oat seed twice a day or just abundant oats additives
    diet (in the form of porridge) .Inogda shingles accompanied
    depression. In this case, perfectly valid infusion of rosemary
    (Rosmarimus offidnalis) - simply add in some morning tea
    drops. To conclude the day, drink a cup of tea of ​​lime blossom (Tilia
    europaea) - it will help you safely protect yourself from zasnut.Chtoby
    zoster, sprayed the room of the patient mentioned above essential oils: in
    spray pour 600 ml of water and add 10 drops of oil. At the first
    signs of irritation on the skin wipe it up with fresh slice of lemon.
    To strengthen the nervous system to take vitamin B complex, try
    lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress as much as possible.

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