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  • Whooping cough
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  • It all starts with a slight rheumat, light shame,
    Sometimes temperature. Week passes, and it seems that the baby is recovering.
    But dry cough instead of disappearing, in two weeks
    enhanced, acquires an attacking character, worried about the child and
    day and night. Cashleva attacks arise «Tolls», when baby ne
    can do inhale, often he coughes to vomiting. So begins one of
    common childhood diseases - whooping cough.

    Whooping cough

    Poklumus refers to the number of sharp respiratory diseases. His
    Characteristic manifestations - gradually growing attacks
    Spasmatic cough. More often the disease is found in children of the younger
    ages that it usually flows in severe form.
    The obligatory vaccination against the causative agent of the cough was introduced into
    Russia in 1959. This made it possible to reduce the incidence, and mortality,
    associated with this infection, was reduced to almost zero. However, S
    The early 1990s unreasonably increased the number of medical taps from
    vaccinations, which led to the emergence of the epidemic. Peak it came to 1994
    year, but now the incidence of cough remains at a high level.

    The source of infection is a person - a patient or carrier. Transfer
    Air-droplet disease (during coughing, conversation,
    sneezing). The causative agent of Kokolusis (Bordetella Pertussis) is a short chopper with rounded ends.
    In the external environment, the microbe is unstable and quickly dies under the influence
    sunlight. In the human body, bacterium highlights a pertussic
    Toxin, with whom the gravity of the disease. Risk of disease
    High in children under five. Especially terrible Cocklush
    For babies: there are even deaths with death.

    Symptoms of Cockles

    Clinical manifestations of the cough are different and depend on several
    factors: the activity of the pathogen, the age of the child, his immune
    Status. Unfortunately, immunity to the cough is not transferred to the child in
    Mother's womb, so the most vulnerable children of the first three months of life are vulnerable,
    as well as kids who have not started for any other reasons for three months
    Vaccination against cough.

    Incubation period (from microbe from entering the human body to
    first clinical manifestations) ranges from 6 to 20 days, but in
    most cases last 7 days. Three stage stages are distinguished:
    Catarial, paroxysmal and recovery. In general, the disease
    lasts 6-8 weeks. Catarial stage (on average 1-2 duration

    What is a pertussus
    During this period, the child is disturbed by a slight increase
    body temperature, runny nose, weak cough, possibly tearing. On the
    this stage is suspended by the cough, and not any other
    Respiratory infection, it is possible only if there was contact with the patient
    coup in the last two or three weeks.

    After short
    improving the state, and sometimes without it, cough attacks are enhanced and
    Students. The child repeats the series of 5-10 strong cough jolts
    For one exhalation, followed by intensive and sudden
    inhale accompanied by a whistling sound - because of the forced
    Air passage through a narrowed voice gap. Sharp whistling
    Inhale is so characteristic that even a special name - reprise.

    Child's face during an attack blues or becomes bluing, the tongue is dried, eyes are rolled out, the veins on the neck swell. Heavy
    cough attacks can follow one after another while the child does not
    It is highlighted with a lump of thick viscous mucus, overlapping the respiratory tract.
    Especially dangerous such attacks for kids up to a year, as they have
    Maybe there may be easy to stop breathing - apnea. On the background of the attack
    cough easily appears vomiting. The cause of attacks is
    The focus of the excitement appears in the cough cerebral center.
    Cough attacks quickly exacerbate children, they are frightened, can not normally
    eat sleep, start to lose weight. Wrong cough can
    chewing, chichanye, physical activity and even offer to a child's child and
    Drinking. During this period, complications are developing that represent
    special danger to children up to three years old, but most of all - for kids
    Until a year. Often the cough is complicated by pneumonia: it serves the main
    The cause of the dysfunctional outcomes of the disease in children, since often
    Protect «Can not hear» For a doctor (the so-called «not mine» Light) I
    Diagnosed late.

    Of the terrible complications there is also
    The possibility of developing cramps (on the background of choking at the time of the bias).
    Outdoor hemorrhages may occur, nasal bleeding,
    Poodle and inguinal hernias, nutritional disorders. Recovery stage (1-2
    weeks). Bouts of cough, reprises and vomiting proceeds everything easier and happen
    All less. But cough (without attacks and apnea) can be celebrated during
    a few more months, especially against the background of the infections of the upper respiratory
    paths. In some patients, cough attacks continue throughout
    For several years.

    Treatment of Cockles

    Baby Sick Cocktle Due to High Risk of Development
    complications and danger to life should receive treatment in the hospital under
    constant supervision of medical personnel. In the therapy scheme
    Be sure to include antibacterial drugs and agents
    The focus of excitement in a cough center. The right mode is very important
    day, clean air, calm atmosphere, elimination of all factors,
    contributing to the emergence of attacks.

    Cocky vaccinations

    The best opportunity to protect the baby from a dangerous infection - to make vaccination in time.
    In Russia, vaccination is carried out from three months. Cocktle
    The component is part of several vaccines allowed to use
    in our country. This is an ADH vaccine (domestic
    Production), foreign Vaccines Tetracoccus and Infanrix. Trunk
    Vaccination ensures child protection for up to six years.
    The effectiveness of the pertussis vaccination reaches 70-90%. Timely
    Vaccination and exclusion of contact with patients will allow your baby
    Stay health.

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