Constipation causes and struggle


They believe that gastric emptying in normal may be three times
day to three times a week. Domestic proctology believe that
norm can be considered only daily purgation; deviation
from this rule - is constipation. Ideally, the chair should be
every day in the morning, once.

What causes constipation

Constipation causes and struggle
lack of
in the diet of fruits and vegetables, especially raw, crude fiber, which
include brown bread and cereals deprives humans of the natural
the causative agent of intestinal peristalsis. The diet of modern
a person has too "gentle", Easily digestible ingredients: white
bread, simple sugars, broths. Animal fats and proteins (meat, fish, eggs,
butter) do not cause colon "work"causing
atony bowel and constipation. Eating a variety of sandwiches, sandwiches,
hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, especially in haste, "on
run"Lack of dietary soups - all contribute

The liquid content in food and drink should not be
at least 1.5-2 liters per day (of course, if there are no contraindications
the heart, kidneys, blood pressure). In modern
Hollywood films are often seen as a superhero on the go
chewing a sandwich, make a lot of cases: working on the computer leads
car, busy business negotiations, etc. American nutritionists
We came to the conclusion that this food leads to many abuses
gastrointestinal tract.

Eating should be in a relaxed
environment, there should be slowly, carefully chewing food instead
swallowing pieces of it on the go. All kinds of stress, wrong way
life can cause disorders of the bowel. For example,
Some kids are embarrassed to use the toilets in the collective
schools, lay it "a business" before returning home. The secretary in the office
or the cashier at the store when a continuous stream of visitors to detain
desires on a chair until the end of the work. So gradually reduced
colon sensitivity receptors. The lack of physical
Load the modern urban man leads to a general
physical tone weakening of the body, including the intestine tone.

Fighting constipation

these reasons, we can gain a personal program to combat constipation.
Well, if it does not give the result?

In this case, resort to the permissible
laxatives suitable mechanism of action:

  • cause
    chemical stimulation of intestinal receptors: bisacodyl; castor
    butter; antraglikozidy rhubarb root, buckthorn bark, fruits zhostera,
    senna leaf, Sabur;
  • increase the volume of stool: lactulose; saline laxatives; flax-seed; agar; kelp;
  • stool softener: vaseline, almond, olive and other vegetable oils.

laxative depends on the drug, the dose and the individual
sensitivity. In spastic constipation antispasmodics used.

2-3 days there is chairs, and diet and laxatives do not help, you can
put a cleansing enema. To cal not injured mucosa
guts into the water, which is an enema, it is necessary to add 2-3 tablespoons
tablespoons vegetable oil. Water for enemas should not necessarily be
boiled, it can be normal tap water. its temperature
It should be at room or 20-36 degrees Celsius. The volume of enema
0.5 to 1 liter.

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