The reasons for the reduced appetite


  • hyporexia
  • The reasons for loss of appetite

  • hyporexia

    Everyone knows the word "appetite" in Latin
    appetitus means "desire." This kind of feeling associated
    the need for food. Prolonged absence of appetite food becomes sensation

    Appetite - a very broad and universal criterion of the state
    child health, particularly in the assessment of the mother. Rarely have to deal with
    a child who eats a lot. Most parents and the older generation truly cares
    or apparent loss of appetite.

    The main groups of reasons reduce appetite:

    • somatic (bodily changes associated with)
    • psychogenic,
    • anorexia (complete loss of appetite), pubertal exhaustion.

    The criteria for the harmonious development of the child and the lack of organic causes
    reduce appetite:

    • good development;
    • high physical and mental activity;
    • tolerated load, age-appropriate;
    • balanced character;
    • the absence of vomiting and defecation disorders.

    Somatic causes of loss of appetite:

    • Inefficient power. For example, milk porridge for a child older than 1 year,
      supplemental foods in time intervals between customary meal, profuse
      the use of milk and candies.
    • The reasons for the reduced appetiteAcute and chronic diseases of the digestive system: gastritis, gastroenteritis,
      peptic ulcer, hepatitis, and others.
    • Acute and chronic infectious diseases: all viral and bacterial
      infection with fever, tuberculosis, urinary infection
      tract, thrush.
    • Worm infestation.
    • Iron deficiency in infants, even without the formation of anemia (low
      border regulations in hemoglobin in blood tests).
    • Zinc deficiency.
    • The defeat of the brain: metabolic abnormalities, hereditary diseases, reluctance
      chew (laziness).
    • Diencephalic syndrome in brain diseases. At the same time, children can remain
      very active.
    • Respiratory diseases with respiratory failure.
    • Diseases of the cardiovascular system circulatory failure
      (The defeat of the heart muscle with tonsillitis, sinusitis, heart disease). Wherein
      often have fainting when moving from a horizontal position
      in vertical, nausea and vomiting in the morning, weakening of concentration.
    • Chronic intoxication: drinking large amounts of drugs, renal
      failure, an overdose of vitamin D in infants, metabolic diseases
      agents, radiation therapy.
    • Endocrine disorders: changes in the activity of the endocrine glands.

    The reasons for loss of appetite

    Causes related to the child himself: pain, shortness of breath, discreet
    meal at an inopportune time (sweet milk), depressed mood (depression).

    Reasons associated with the environment of the child, especially with
    his mother. Mom always strives to better feed the baby, and sometimes gets
    the opposite result.

    The first option improper diet:
    frightened easily excitable mom newborn refuses feedings
    baby, fear of failure. In such cases, medical supervision
    For the first few feedings.

    The second option: mother offers the child unnecessarily
    abundant food that the baby can not master. Frustrated mother is stronger,
    the more effort she put into cooking.

    The third option: young child
    He wants to avoid unnecessary care. He refuses and from conventional power,
    if the situation involves a meal with negative situations, if the brewing
    the conflict between the mother and the child himself. This happens when mom pushed around by a child
    the table unnecessarily limit his freedom, or require excessive purity of it.

    The reasons for the reduced appetite The fourth option: dining table becomes
    place "showdown." At the same time, parents can criticize the child
    per day Errors and omissions home and at school, or at the time of eating constantly
    remind your child about respect for good manners. In this situation, the children simply
    They refuse to eat because of a conflict with the mother or parents.

    Fifth Embodiment: Food poorly cooked, cold
    or to a child are not neglected. This happens in diseases
    or poverty of parents with babysitting negligence or the person who is caring
    for the baby.

    Sixth Embodiment: refusal to eat due to the oppressed
    state. This occurs when a child is punished for any reason;
    I lost a dear thing to him; at the mountain in the family; oppressive atmosphere around
    (Hospital environment); if the baby feels a sense of shame and guilt.

    Abdominal pain in children with psychogenic causes of decline
    appetite - this is often a trick they use to reject food.
    But such complaints do baby mother even more frightened and helpless. but
    Additional examination and consultation in a pediatric gastroenterologist
    the situation is needed.

    Vomiting during forcible feeding of the child can be
    manifestation of conflict with parents. Gradually, vomiting and refusal to eat may
    be interconnected, or be transformed into less conflictual deviation:
    habit of biting nails, stuttering, bed wetting.

    Loss of appetite in children requires mandatory treatment
    to the pediatrician to rule out any disease. It should be
    and conduct additional diagnostic methods: complete blood count, a general analysis
    urine, ultrasound of internal organs, and others. As a rule, the removal of "somatic"
    reasons, that is, treatment of the underlying disease leads to the restoration of appetite
    in children.

    The absence of pathological conditions in children with reduced
    appetite - this indication for psychological counseling. It is advisable to come
    a conversation with the psychologist for the whole family for a common line of conduct

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