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  • What is Bulimia
  • Do not postpone the visit to the psychotherapist

  • What is Bulimia

    Bulimia - NEWS WOMENBulimia suffer over the overwhelming majority young women. Bulimia treatment is associated with the correction of impaired food behavior, but, in its essence and nature, this treatment of mental disorder. Why do men do not suffer from bulimia, quite explained - the woman cares about appearance, she is worried about weight and figure, long starvation and diet are not all. But if everything was so simple, then the treatment of bulimia would not have the physicians and psychotherapists. The symptoms of bulimia are known to everyone - uncontrolled overeating, nausea, reception of laxative and diuretic drugs, physical exertion. All these actions are conscious and unconscious commits a sick person, however, the methods of the treatment of bulimia have practically not changed - everything begins with the consultation of the psychiatrist.

    In addition to the effective manifestations of Bulimia, the patient is experiencing the strongest nervous tension, being in a state of depression or constantly accusing himself in the deed. Consultation of the psychiatrist identifies the true causes of the disease, since excessive use of food is the reaction of the body of an injured, cured by different rules and conventions, an insecure and lonely person to constant stress. First of all, the methods of treatment of bulimia in a modern psychiatric clinic are aimed at identifying and destroying the true cause of the disease. The fact is that women subject to such a disease carefully hide from those who surround a destructive passion, to cope alone with which they are not able to. Bulimia treatment is not worth postponing, a person needs psychiatric assistance.

    People suffering from Bulimia, it seems that they give the surrounding a lot, but nothing is obtained in return. Bulimia attacks, as a rule, occur after a quarrel with surrounding or close people, after a lost dispute or failure at work. The doctor also assigns balanced dietherapy to restore normal functions of the body. As a supplement, it is possible to appoint drug reception.

    Do not postpone the visit to the psychotherapist

    If the treatment of bulimia is unreasonably tighten and postpone, then serious and severe forms are possible when the ambient psychiatric care will be needed in stationary conditions. In the primary and light shapes of the disease in the foreground, there is a strong psychological discomfort - harsh self-criticism with a lack of self-control, a negative attitude towards itself and all-consuming wines for attacking overeating. Against the background of this state, there is a desire for constant attention to its positive actions, and if it is impossible to earn it or get chronic depression.

    When hardly form, the treatment of bulimia is required to start as quickly as possible, since somatic (bodily) manifestations are very dangerous - the teeth fall out, they swell their ears and irritating in the throat. Serious body weight fluctuations lead to persistent metabolic disorders, weaken muscle tissue. In such cases, the only method of treatment of Bulimia is a hospital when psychiatric care is comprehensively combined with drugs. Primary target of the treatment of bulimia - elimination of seizures of excessive food intake.

    After the patient's basic care is prescribed treatment aimed at restoring the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract and related painful manifestations. An important result of therapeutic and wellness procedures should be the restoration of water-electrolyte balance and strengthening the overall state of the physical health of the patient.

    In one row with Bulimia there is anorexia, which is a mental illness with similar symptoms. In this case, psychiatric care is needed by a patient who cannot independently defeat the desire to lose weight by any methods. And in the treatment of bulimia, and when treating anorexia, the most important visit to the psychiatric clinic is most important in order to prevent irreversible changes in the human body. First of all, a psychiatrist doctor consultation is important to determine the methods of treating bulimia and solving psychological problems.

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