Herpes - the disease of the future


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  • The feature of herpes is that you can get infected as
    would anonymously, from individuals without explicit signs of fever. Conductor infection
    Most often serves saliva - just as children are infected from 0 to 4 years
    Herpes of the first type (bubbles on lips, chin, cheeks). Saliva
    Maybe on the surface of the toy, in the kiss of relatives, in the hands of
    Mom. Or the child himself - at such a gentle age is very likely
    Autosalization - to keep curious hands from the examination
    Own body? So herpes of the first type can go to the second,
    GenitaHerpes - the disease of the futureflax.

    Question number 1. But by inheritance the disease is transmitted?

    Not the virus itself, but the inability of immunity with it
    fight. Hence the massability of the disease. But a straight, vertical
    Transmission of the virus through the placenta is a special conversation.

    Question # 2. If the virus penetrates the body, where and how it persists?

    Herpes of the first type - in nervous nodes (ganglia)
    Tripher nerve, herpes of second type, genital, - in ganglia
    sacral and lumbar nerves. There he can dorm for life,
    not finding oneself. By the way, a frequent medical error is a destination
    Anticheless preparations on the background of the full calm of the virus. Well
    spent carefully, and you can detect the next day with amazement
    familiar rash, there is a real recurrence - and it is after full
    Course treatment! And you remember, didn't you hide my legs yesterday? by the way,
    herpes is elected - if you love lips, the packed, the chin - not
    will come down.

    Question number 3. And the herpes of the second type - than it differs from the first?

    Infection usually happens for years to 20, at the time
    active sexual life. The first symptoms - itching, burning, violation
    Sensitivity of the skin and mucous genital organs, the same bubbles and
    Even open ulcers. Do not hurry to learn oases yourself,
    Especially hormonal - they can provoke the growing rash.
    Better stop all sorts of contacts and passengers go to the doctor.

    Question number 4. Let's go back to pregnancy - what faces the fetus?

    It is always a special case full of nuances and
    Alternative options. One thing is important: before conception, it is necessary
    Examine to everyone, regardless of whether there were relapses, and that's why.
    First, herpes is the probability of miscarriage, multi-way; Secondly,
    If a woman is not infected, primary infection is especially dangerous:
    The concentration of the virus in the body of pregnant is very high, and the threat of it
    Vertical transmission through the placenta increases to 50 percent. If
    the woman is infected, but there are no relapses, it is necessary to figure out
    active form is a virus or dorms to assume how
    Events will develop. After all, you can translate infection into passive
    Form - treatment techniques are sufficiently developed.

    Question number 5. If the virus is manifested before childbirth, no cesarean sections can not do. - Than you can warn relapses?

    Influence on cellular immunity. If we talk
    about common measures, no matter how naive it sounds, you should harden, try
    Store peace of mind, avoid overwork. Immunomodulators,
    immunocorrectors - the thing is good, but you need to handle them carefully,
    Always taking into account the individual flow of the disease.

    vaccination, it stimulates immunity against herpes, but it is applied to
    already infected people to facilitate their suffering during
    Rezidivov. And to protect the vaccine virus is not yet able to save. therefore
    herpes prevention as such does not exist, and to warn
    infection should be fencing children from unnecessary manifestations of love -

    Question number 6. And what about the medicines that advertising offer us how much they are able to tame the virus?

    Herpes Doctors call the future disease and searches
    truly intensive impact on it are tirelessly.
    Today, a good result gives acyclovir - it is more familiar to us as
    Zovirax, it is ointments and pills.

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