Neurosis - not a children's trick


  • Emotions should be for the benefit of
  • The main thing - to find the cause

  • Emotions should be for the benefit of

    Neurosis - it is always a result of interpersonal conflicts
    and psychological stress. Factors contributing to the emergence of
    neuroses are the specific features of the person, the total
    attenuation due to various diseases or emotional

    The most characteristic feature of child - emotion. He is very
    keenly responsive to negative and positive changes in his
    environment. These experiences in the majority of cases are positive
    character. They are very important in the adaptation of the child
    to changing life. However, under certain conditions play feeling
    a negative role, leading to neurotic or somatic

    Neurosis often begins with a child of his suppression
    the innate nature and above all the instincts and temperament. suppression
    Child temperament - is the oppression of his individuality, and how
    consequence - neurotic or psychosomatic disorders.

    There are neurotic reactions
    and neuroses, which may occur at any age and wear
    diverse nature. This may be sleep disorders, anxiety neurosis,
    stuttering, obsessive-compulsive movements, states, hysteria,
    pathological habitual actions etc.

    The main thing - to find the cause

    Treatment of neuroses and neurotic states should be comprehensive,
    It includes psychological and pedagogical correction, psychotherapy,
    medication as directed children's neurologist, a number of
    cases, physical therapy and other methods. In all cases of
    neuroses in children should be identified stressful situations
    and to exclude it. Medical, counseling, prevention
    organizational and methodological assistance should take into account the structure of
    neurotic disorders, their difference in childhood and adolescence

    Neurosis - not a children's trick
    Drug therapy is strictly individual.
    In recent years, widely used herbal preparations
    origin and homeopathic medicines. appointment
    of drugs carries only neurologist
    each child individually.

    Prevention of neuroses in children and adolescents is based on the measures
    aimed at the normalization of relations within and correction
    education. Given the important role in the causes of neurosis features
    child's character, it is advisable to carry out educational activities
    Mental hardening of children with neurotic
    and anxious-hypochondriac character traits, as well as disorders.
    These activities include the formation of an active, initiative,
    Learning to overcome the difficulties of frightening circumstances (darkness,
    separation from parents, meeting with strangers, animals and so on.
    P.). It plays an important role in the collective education of the child with a certain
    individual approach, the selection of a certain kind of comrades
    character. Much preventive role belongs Measures
    to strengthen physical health, especially physical education
    and sports, Mental Health mental work students, Prevention
    intellectual and information overload.

    Summarizing the problem of neurosis, prevention and treatment of the problem,
    say, a neurosis in any case not a sham, not a simulation, not a trick,
    which may use the children with various disabilities
    in nature, but a serious disease that can not get rid
    a simple act of will. It requires a whole range of medical
    and psychological interventions. Neurosis rarely occurs in children
    and adolescents, self-confident, have prepared for real life,
    in normal and able to adequately adapt to life. Neurosis in children

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