• When there is a panic
  • How to cope with panic

  • So, for many in this situation, there is a feeling of fear sharp to
    throat lump rolls, reduces abdominal viscera, and quickens
    It becomes uneven heartbeats, not enough air and a man obsessed with a sharp
    the desire to escape from the trap suddenly slam. these conditions
    We received the name of the Border Psychiatry panic attacks.
    Such conditions may occur and stopped between floors
    elevator, on a plane, in a disturbing atmosphere Examination audience,
    the crowd ...

    When there is a panic

    Once emerged, they do not carry health risks, but fixed,
    they can lead to the development of compulsive fears - agoraphobia
    or social phobia. Noticed a pattern - like the status of women
    It occurs more frequently, but their severity are less intense and less frequent
    hronifitsiruyutsya than men. Among the factors against which most
    having panic attacks include physical fatigue,
    emotional instability due to a stressful situation,
    critical days in women and the state, after the binge
    alcohol the night before.

    It was also noted that panic attacks are more common in people with certain
    personal characteristics. For women who have a manifestation of panic attack
    It occurs with greatest frequency, dominated by "gistrionnye" personality.
    They are characterized by demonstratively exaggerated the need to involve
    attention and so-called "thirst for recognition."

    PanicIn their behavior they are often drawn to exaggerate feelings,
    interest and seek a cool rapidly to those who do not
    showing them the fate of the extent to which they eagerly await. Be
    unnoticed - the greatest tragedy for them. Their affection and
    tendency of rapid but shallow. Men also are prone to identify a panic attack,
    often reveals a completely different type of patoharakterologii - what
    It referred to as "hypochondria of health».

    We are talking about a special, intense interest in their physical
    well-being, the infinite perfection of their own bodily
    resources. For them, it is important to always be in recovery mode, it
    You should always feel in great shape. If we try
    psychologically comprehend the types of such behavior, we realize that
    self-assertion at the expense of others, which we find in "notebooks
    Beauties "comes from weakness and looseness of their internal structure

    In the Bible, their life style aptly compared to a "golden ring in his nose
    Pig. " Despite the showiness and dramatic grandstanding passions, they
    incapable of deep affection for true responsibility
    engagement in meaningful relationships and, as a rule, there is little interest in
    intimate aspect. Attitude to health as well as traditional spirituality
    not at all the same as the current dominant approach. After all, the most common
    toast on our feasts sounds "For Health" and deeply rooted
    opinion that "it would be great and the rest will follow."

    Becoming this view, we will inevitably lose sight of that
    health, by definition, can not be self-sufficient value. It
    always instrumentally, that is intended to serve as a means for
    achieve higher goals and spirituality, dignity.
    The quest for the attainment of health by all means always doomed to failure,
    because we can not always be as healthy and strong enough
    as far as we would like. In pursuit of 100% excellent physical
    state of health, we risk condemning ourselves to a permanent experience

    How to cope with panic

    It is wise to be guided by the principle of "turn on the autopilot"
    that is, do not keep track of all the parameters of its operation and
    entrust nature what it has given us. Most healthy heart
    (Lungs, kidneys) - something which we can not see. What can you advise
    those who brought experience panic attacks? First of all
    try to translate the vector of attention to internal sensations to external
    circumstances. You can count the buttons on his coat standing next
    men. Or see how many women sitting in front of the ears vdet
    earrings. Try to read and vice versa glued advertising
    to see what happens.

    The idea is to return the body by any means controls
    to the body. If the person next to you is nice, you can refer to
    question. In thinking about a pleasant stranger, you win some
    minutes for stabilization. It will be very good if zavyazhetsya
    casual conversation. In no case should not be regarded as or pulse
    look at the clock, how long is the train.

    It is best to check the contents of the bag, look in the mirror, not forgetting
    tell yourself nice things or try to remember the poem,
    remained in the memory from his school years. Well always have a mint
    caramel. If panic attacks are increasingly occur and you find yourself thinking that you became
    unpleasant characteristic smell of the subway, do not go on about threatening you
    neurosis. Remember that emerged, neurosis will try to win you
    more and more of your personal freedom of actions and thoughts.

    Nothing should be in this life to embarrass you, in addition to those restrictions,
    that you set for yourself. But in trying to resist
    neurosis does not make common tactical mistakes - do not assign
    Statement sedatives
    funds on their own or on the advice of friends. Most likely they are not
    know that obsessive fears arising better not treatable
    tranquilizers and antidepressants.

    Therefore, if you feel you can not cope alone, without
    hesitate to contact a professional. In each of the third Moscow
    the clinic has a psychotherapy office, and specialist, especially
    in the early stages of development of neurosis, will be easy to help you solve the
    this problem quite often in our turbulent days.

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