Phobias modern society


Phobias modern society

Phobias modern society

Tenth of October is the World Daymental health. Today, according to the WHO, mental illness affects more than 450 million people on the planet. In Western countries, every seventh person is either paranoid or schizophrenic, or prone to depression and alcoholism. Experts predict that by 2020, mental disorders will be included in the global top five disease-leaders.

In Russia, in hospitals with mental andsubstance abuse annually treated nearly 8 million people. This is more than 5% of the total Russian population. In addition, three out of 100 people in Russia suffer from "borderline" disorders - neuroses and neurotic reactions.

Fear is much "younger", say psychologists. According to the director of the State Research Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry. Serbian Tatyana Dmitrieva, in Russia 95% of persons with disabilities in mental disorders - persons under 40 years of age. In addition, the established English experts, fears began to seize people with high IQ. Previously, such a trend has been observed.

Over the past 10 years the number of phobias in the worldincreased from 300 to 1030. So what do we have? Kosmikofobiyu - fear of cosmic phenomena, kiberfobiyu - fear of the computer work (mostly for older people), prosofobiyu - fear of progress gellenologofobiyu - fear of scientific terms, ergofobiyu - fear of work, as well as verminofobiyu - fear of microbes, falakrofobiyu - fear of bald, ritifobiyu - fear of wrinkles, BDD - fear of unattractiveness of the body, osmofobiyu - fear of the natural smell of the body, obezofobiyu - fear of getting fat, etc., etc., etc ........

Surprisingly, the most common fear -fear of the subway - there is no in coming to the big city, and local residents, who almost every day down to the ground. In particular, this misfortune prone to almost 10% of Muscovites. But here's the paradox: they quietly go in cars with an inexperienced driver and on a bad road.

Not a coward, but I'm afraid phobia

According to WHO, 5-7% of the population suffer from the planetphobic depression. Phobias can be simple (fear of heights - aeroakrofobiya, enclosed space - claustrophobia, death - thanatophobia water - hydrophobia, spiders - arahnefobiya aging - gerontophobia), and completely improbable and illogical, for example, fear of hearing good news (evpofobiya).

Today there are several hundred phobias. Among them - the fear of thinking, money, name. In an age of progress is especially popular phobias are caused by technical devices, in particular - the mobile phone. Some people claim that they hear ostensibly mobile phone call, sitting at a concert or while driving, when in fact the device does not ring or even turned off. "Up the Ghost" becomes chronic phobia, called "mania call."

There are other, less exotic fears

Here are some of them:

ablutophobia - Fear of washing and water treatment.

Alliumofobiya - Fear of garlic.

Atazagorafobiya - Fear of being noticed.

Apopatofobiya - Obsessive fear to enter the toilets.

Bazofobiya - Fear of walking.

Brontofobiya - Fear of thunder.

Laterofobiya - Fear to lie on one side, often - on the left.

Metrofobiya - An obsessive fear of poetry.

Pogonofobiya - Fear of beards.

Rabdofobiya - The fear of being beaten.

Sinophobia - Fear of the Chinese.

Spektrofobiya - Fear of mirrors.

ereuthophobia - Fear of blushing.

phobophobia - Fear of the emergence of fear.

Famous and fearful

Napoleon Bonaparte was ill gippofobiey (fearhorses), complicated leykofobiey (fear of white color). How then to explain the fact that in many paintings portrayed Napoleon on a white horse, is not clear. It is known that in the stables Bonaparte white horses never had.

Generalissimo Joseph Stalin suffered and aviafobiey(Fear of flying on an airplane). As commander in chief, they had never been at the front and at the peace conference in Potsdam traveled by train, which was guarded by 17 thousand soldiers of the NKVD and 8 armored trains.

Similar phobia suffers and president of NorthKorea's Kim Jong Il. It is known that Kim all modes of transport prefers its own armored train. According to eyewitnesses, Kim is afraid to fly an airplane.

The artist Mikhail Vrubel was subject kaliginefobii (fear of women, which he liked). As a student slashed himself with a knife chest after a failed romance.

Actor Tom Cruise poisons life peladofobiya(Fear of baldness), and ommatofobiya (fear of the evil eye), and his colleague Kim Basinger can not tolerate other people's touch (afenfosmofobiya), which is why for months without leaving the house.

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