• What pica
  • Causes of perverted appetite
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis of perverted appetite
  • Complications perverted appetite
  • perverted appetite Treatment

  • What pica

    Patients suffering from a perverted appetite, pleasure
    eat them falling into the hands of non-food items. This disorder
    eating rare, mostly among children under
    three years. By the perversion of appetite are more inclined to children suffering
    mental retardation or mental illness. infants
    prefer hair, wool, paper, rope, tile watercolor
    paint, putty, plaster; sliders are much more like the animal faeces,
    coal, ash, sand, pebbles, leaves or bugs. In brief, patients
    children eat almost any inedible things indiscriminately.

    Children also tend to taste unfamiliar objects, but if
    baby is eating them, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately, so
    as the ingestion of non-food items can be harmful to health
    child. Children usually "outgrow" a perversion of appetite, and aged
    3-5 years, everything comes back to normal. Sometimes the disease is still to young
    school age, and in very rare cases, a perversion of appetite
    affects adults.

    Causes of perverted appetite

    PicaBy definition, pica - a conduct disorder;
    however, the causes of this disorder are unknown. Some
    experts believe that the perversion of appetite develops in the child
    due to violations of the formation of behavioral skills, or due to
    stress. Stress in such cases it is usually caused by
    trouble in the family, for example, its instability or decay,
    Another reason can be the wrong upbringing of the child, causing
    his sense of alienation and abandonment. There are other views about
    the origin of perversion of appetite, for example, some believe that it is
    just develop the habits of small children are dragged into the mouth. there is
    scientists who believe that the desire to eat inedible - a reaction
    the lack of inorganic substances in the diet (e.g.
    iron or zinc salts) and other essential constituents

    Symptoms and Diagnosis of perverted appetite

    A child suffering from a perversion of appetite, often experiencing nausea or vomiting after ingestion of non-food items. Unless the child is not caught in the ingestion of inedible
    objects, when all becomes clear statement perverted diagnosis
    appetite is quite difficult. The doctor must first rule out all
    Possible reasons for the existing child nausea and vomiting before
    diagnosis of perverted appetite.

    Complications perverted appetite

    Many non-edible items that eat sick perversion of appetite
    Children can be infected by pathogenic bacteria,
    mechanically damage the stomach or intestine. In addition, in itself a
    the subject may be poisonous. For example, if a child swallows
    a piece of white lead, then he can develop lead poisoning. AT
    rare cases, when ingested by the hair, they are matted in
    stomach tight wad, which can block the intestine.

    perverted appetite Treatment

    For a full treatment of perversion of appetite
    you must save the child from its cause. In some
    cases of ingestion of foreign objects can be prevented, if
    watch carefully for the child. If necessary for this work can be
    attract social worker (where to find it, can be found at the pediatrician).

    If the basis of appetite perversion is the stress caused by
    family conflict, prior to its authorization to rely on the cure not
    accounts. Medical social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists
    can help in establishing a family relationship, family spending
    advising and providing other services.

    some cases a perversion of appetite can be treated by
    restructuring behavior. The desired behavior is reinforced by positive
    promotions, undesirable behavior is punished.

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