• The symptoms of pneumothorax
  • Diagnosis of pneumothorax
  • How is the treatment of pneumothorax

  • Pneumothorax - air into the pleural cavity. There are spontaneous pneumothorax open, and the valve closed.

    Most often, pneumothorax occurs when a breakthrough subpleurally
    TB outbreak. Less commonly observed breakthrough purulent focus. Can
    happen breakthrough in regional pleura bullous bubble in the so-called
    bullous emphysema in a human before apparently healthy. in air
    pleura and can penetrate from the outside due to penetrating trauma
    thorax. Hole in the visceral pleura may close or
    remain open for some time. There are cases when
    hole opens during inhalation and closes during exhalation - valve
    pneumothorax, wherein the pleural cavity develops in most
    pressure. Breakthrough can happen in free of pleural adhesions
    cavity in a limited space adnations.

    The symptoms of pneumothorax

    A break in the free pleural cavity suddenly arise
    rezchayshie chest pain. Appears usually cyanosis, shortness of breath develops.
    There is the phenomenon of shock: drop in blood pressure, heart palpitations,
    cold sweat. The patient may die in the first hours.

    Mostly sharp shock effects are mitigated, is shortness of breath,
    cyanosis, orthopnea often (shortness of breath that occurs in the supine position). When the valve pneumothorax condition
    progressively getting worse - growing shortness of breath, cyanosis; all tachycardia

    Percussion reveals a more or less pronounced
    tympanic (or lower "box") shade percussion
    sound, but this is not always easily perceptible, especially in the presence of emphysema
    other light. More important auscultation detects the absence of
    or a sharp weakening of breathing (with clear percussion sound). A heart
    sharply shifted to the opposite side (if there is no fixing it
    plevromediastinalnyh adhesions).

    Further typically begins accumulate fluid in the pleural cavity:
    serous in tuberculosis, purulent (often putrid) in the breakout
    abscess - pneumoempyema.

    Pneumoempyema may appear in the breakout tuberculous cavity.

    Further for these complications depends on the nature and
    underlying disease. In general, spontaneous pneumothorax worsens
    the basic process, but it is known that the tubercular process can
    improve on the compression of the lung and lung abscess - "cure"
    going to the pleural empyema. bullous bubble breakthrough occurs usually without
    accumulation of fluid and favorably - air dissipates and the patient
    He is recovering. Very hard proceeds valve pneumothorax.

    X-ray examination revealed no
    pulmonary drawing almost all over the affected half of the chest
    cells; the outlines of a light preload, in the future may appear
    horizontal level of liquid in the pleural cavity. A break in
    space limited pleural splice clinical picture
    less heavy and complaints can only be limited to short-term sharp
    pain with shortness of breath or a breakthrough can occur even less noticeable.

    Diagnosis of pneumothorax

    Almost always placed correctly, if there is a doctor's idea
    the possibility of spontaneous pneumothorax. You have to sometimes be distinguished from
    myocardial infarction based on the absence of chest pain and a typical
    irradiation, and based on auscultatory data. Helps
    the diagnosis and identification of the character preceded this episode
    disease. Diagnosis encysted small pneumothorax is often very
    difficult and impossible without a thorough radiographic examination.

    How is the treatment of pneumothorax

    In the first period of treatment of pneumothorax - the fight against the phenomena of shock:
    carefully prescribed drugs, but only when there is no
    significant destruction of another lung), cardiovascular agents.
    Sometimes you have to resort to vagosympathetic blockade. at
    a significant shift of mediastinal organs shows a puncture of the pleura
    pumping air when the valve pneumothorax required repeated
    evacuating or leaving a broad spike with it fine
    rubber tube, the other end of which is lowered into the vessel with
    disinfectant solution. Resort to thoracoscopy with the coagulation
    a valve portion. When the accumulation of fluid treatment is carried out by
    principles of treatment of pleurisy.

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