emphysema Treatment


  • How to treat emphysema

  • How to treat emphysema

    The main activities focus on the fight against respiratory
    failure and treatment of the underlying disease that caused the development of

    Quitting smoking is an extremely important event. It
    It must occupy the first place in the treatment of this pathology. Wherein
    you must keep in mind the following: a one-time smoking cessation
    It has a greater effect than a gradual reduction in the amount smoked
    cigarettes; high motivation of quitting smoking is the main
    a critical success factor; chewing gum and transdermal
    applicators containing nicotine, can help reduce the craving for smoking,
    especially if they are applied in a complex of measures aimed at
    to give up smoking.

    During exacerbation of chronic inflammatory process in the lungs
    prescribe antibiotics, if bronhospasticheskogo
    syndrome, develops as a result of narrowing of the lumen of small bronchi and bronchioles - Bronchodilators (drugs that cause expansion and removal lumen bronchospasm). The main groups
    bronchodilator drugs are anticholinergic agents
    (Atrovent, Flomax), theophylline (teopek, teotard, aminophylline and others.)
    beta-2 sympathomimetics (salbutamol berotek). Selection and amount of drug
    therapy depends on the degree of disease severity.

    To improve expectorate sputum discharge prescribed drugs.

    emphysema Treatment
    With the development of respiratory failure is used breathing
    gymnastics, which helps to improve lung ventilation, gas exchange.
    In chronic respiratory failure I of a degree with success
    hypoxytherapy applied. The patient breathes with atmospheric air
    reduced (up to 11-12%) oxygen for 5 minutes and
    5 minutes then breathes atmospheric air with normal
    oxygen. In a single session performed 6 such cycles. Each
    1 day hold a session. The course of treatment lasts 15-20 days.

    If you have severe respiratory failure is carried out
    malopotochnuyu prolonged oxygen therapy. The source
    Oxygen is used in the home with the compressed oxygen bottles
    or hub, portable devices for producing oxygen from
    room air. The duration of oxygen therapy malopotochnoy
    is not less than 18 hours per day. If unable to perform
    malopotochnoy oxygen therapy conducted inhalation of humidified
    oxygen through nasal catheters.

    Sometimes use auxiliary mechanical ventilation with
    respirators using any type of adjustable volume, or frequency of

    In order to correct respiratory failure also applies
    aeroionotherapy. She made 1 session per day, a course of treatment
    It lasts 15-20 days.

    With long-term narrowing of the airways - the voltage rise
    all respiratory muscles become chronic. fatigue treatment
    respiratory muscles, including the diaphragm, is an important addition to
    the use of drugs for the treatment of emphysema.
    Widely used various training to ensure normal
    operation of muscles. Therapeutic exercises, aimed at reducing
    muscle tone and improve bronchial patency, gives the best
    the effect of bronchial obstruction (difficulty in breathing).

    The most simple, but very important exercise is to train
    respiration by establishing positive end-expiratory pressure.
    Perform these exercises are simple. You can use non-corrugated
    hoses of different lengths, through which the patient breathes, and create
    install a water trap (bank filled with water). After enough
    deep breath should breathe as slowly as possible through the hose in
    jar filled with water.

    To improve the drainage function using special drainage positions and exercises with extended exhalation forced.

    The position (postural) drainage - is the use of certain
    position of the body for better expectoration. Position drain
    performed in patients with chronic bronchitis (especially in purulent
    forms) while reducing the cough reflex or too viscous sputum. is he
    also it recommended after endotracheal infusion or injection
    expectorants aerosol.

    It is performed 2 times a day (morning and evening, but it is possible and more often) after
    preliminary reception bronchodilators and expectorants
    (Usually infusion Thermopsis, mother and stepmother, rosemary, plantain) and
    lime and hot tea. After 20-30 minutes after the patient
    alternately takes the position that maximizes emptying
    Sputum from certain segments of the lung due to gravity and to the draining of the cough phlegm reflexogenic zones. In each position
    the patient performs the first 4-5 slow deep breaths,
    breathing in through your nose and exhaling through pursed lips. then, after
    slow deep breath produces 3-, 4-fold shallow
    cough 4-5 times. A good result is achieved with a combination of
    drainage positions with various methods of vibration chest
    drained segments or compression arms on the exhale, massage,
    that performed quite vigorously.

    Postural drainage is contraindicated in the event of hemoptysis, and shortness of breath during a large attack or procedure

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