Osteoarthritis: treatment and self-medication errors


  • In sports, now osteoarthritis, arthritis ...
  • Osteoarthritis treatment and self-medication
  • To aid in osteoarthritis did not have a disservice
  • arthrosis disease rejects violence
  • The appearance of symptoms of osteoarthritis are not an occasion for fasting

  • Osteoarthritis: treatment and self-medication errorsThe disease occurs with deforming osteoarthritisperiods of exacerbation and remission, characterized by the gradual destruction of cartilage and bone tissue, leading to disruption of the function of the joints. Appearing once symptoms of osteoarthritis pain is delivered to the patient for life. Trying to get rid of pain, stiffness in the joints, in an attempt to increase their mobility and "disperse" salt of patients resort to self-medication, help healers, although osteoarthritis should trust a qualified doctor. What mistakes often allowed for "Osteoarthritis" disease and what they can cause? Try to understand.

    In sports, now osteoarthritis, arthritis ...

    It is human nature to look for reasonswhat is happening, but in the case of osteoarthritis, they often far-fetched. It is not necessary to associate the disease with exercise, many devote his whole life and have a healthy joints, while others suffer from osteoarthritis and without strenuous exercise and workouts. It is not fully known, causing arthritis develops, therefore therapies consist mainly symptomatic therapy and means regenerating cartilage tissue. Of course, signs of deforming arthrosis of the joints of the lower extremities more will the one who suffers from flat feet, clubfoot, suffered sprains or fractures, but certainly not to be afraid of the rusty tap water, and tomatoes, as some traditional healers.

    Osteoarthritis treatment and self-medication

    The first signs of arthrosisOsteoarthritis and accompanying arthritis -diseases for which traditional methods of treatment are most commonly used. In the course are liqueurs Amanita, glowing red bricks, applicators Kuznetsova, irritating and warming joints. These tools really distracting for some time relieve pain, but the disease they treat. Moreover, aid for arthrosis in the acute stage, in the presence of synovitis symptoms conversely implies the use of means of reducing blood flow, reduces swelling and inflammation, tissue rewarming may immediately play a cruel joke.

    If arthritis aggravated, traditional methodstreatment in the early days will involve the use of non-steroidal drugs series (Diclofenac, Movalis, NIMULID), and only then, after 1-2 weeks, when the inflammation completely docked, will be appointed by means of improving blood circulation in the joint cartilage and reducing component (physiotherapy and chondroprotectors).

    To aid in osteoarthritis did not have a disservice

    When deforming arthrosis treatmentpreformed factors occupy a special place. Traditional ways of getting rid of the disease also suggests physiotherapy, such as warming, compresses, wraps. Some patients without consulting a doctor prescribed treatment themselves currents, magnetic or ultrasound. In fact, it turns out that pain increases, the joint swells and ceases to move at all. The fact that the treatment of osteoarthritis in remission is fundamentally different from the treatment of osteoarthritis, arthritis. Assign physiotherapy doctor can only.

    arthrosis disease rejects violence

    Dangerous disease osteoarthritis rejects violenceOsteoarthritis is always accompanied by the restrictionjoint mobility. In an attempt to "develop" shackled knees, ankles and joints of the fingers sick very persistent. Overcoming the pain, they do gymnastics and knead limbs, "scatter" of salt, crawling on his knees and "beating" their own rolling pin joints. As a result, instead of improving these violent actions lead to injury of cartilage and rapid progression of osteoarthritis. Arthritis occurs when irritation of the joint capsule osteophytes, leading to increased pain, swelling of joints, proliferation of bone tissue and limit the mobility of joints. Special exercises are recommended for arthrosis, must be carried out in the period of remission and without causing pain, the same can be said about the massage.

    The appearance of symptoms of osteoarthritis are not an occasion for fasting

    Fasting can treat everything, but when it arthrosisabsolutely contraindicated. The disease is accompanied by malnutrition cartilage, and a limited supply of nutrients will only exacerbate the situation. What is really important is the normalization of body weight. Overweight "heavy burden" falls on the lower limb joints and leads to their rapid destruction. A diet with restriction of simple carbohydrates and animal fats will benefit a patient suffering from obesity.

    In the treatment of osteoarthritis, as in any business, it is importantqualified specialist. In order not to suffer osteoarthritis lifetime, it is important to time to see a good doctor. The disease can be suspended at an early stage, if not resort to experiment with their own health.

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