Deforming osteoarthritis: causes and stages of disease development


  • Deforming osteoarthritis: Causes
  • Pathogenesis of deforming arthrosis or osteoarthritis inside

  • Deforming osteoarthritis, what is it?It is deforming osteoarthritis - one of the mostcommon diseases of the joints, it suffers 5% of the world population, a third of visitors orthopedic surgeries clinics - patients with osteoarthritis. Treatment of the disease complex, long-term, costly. Without competent approach in 10-11 years, osteoarthritis and the accompanying joint contractures invariably become a cause of disability.

    Deforming arthritis - a disease of the joints andbones. Its beginning is marked by degeneration of the articular cartilage with subsequent degenerative-dystrophic changes in bone epiphysis forming joint. Regardless of the reasons, Osteoarthritis - a chronic disease, a progressive, leading to the complete immobilization of the joint.

    The correct name of the disease, "deformingosteoarthritis "or" deforming arthrosis, "but not" arthritic joints. " Reasons: The word "arthritis" itself already implies a disease of the bone joints, and the word "joint" is superfluous.

    Deforming osteoarthritis: Causes

    Deforming osteoarthritis: CausesCauses of deforming osteoarthritisvaried and, in any case, the initial stage of development - it arthrosis expressed intraarticular cartilage injury, and the factors causing this damage may be different:

    • adverse working conditions with increased load on the joints;
    • violation of the innervation of the joint, accompanied by the restructuring of the circulation and degeneration of cartilage;
    • endocrine and neurohumoral changes in the body, power breaking joint tissues causing effects of primary osteoarthritis and then disease progression;
    • enzymatic disorders that lead to the disorder of metabolism in the cartilage and the development of deforming arthrosis;
    • shifts immune and autoimmune processes are accompanied by damage to the cartilage of connective tissue;
    • vascular factors, one way or another affecting the condition of the hyaline articular cartilage.

    All these factors can initiate arthrosis, initiate damage to the articular cartilage.

    In everyday understanding the etiology and pathogenesis of osteoarthritis its causes are as follows:

    • regular microtrauma joint cartilage as a result of heavy lifting, sudden movements, prolonged walking, repetitive motion;
    • for complicated intra-articular and periarticular fractures;
    • arthritis;
    • congenital inferiority of the joints, chondrodystrophy, dysplasia of joints, accompanied by both initial defect of cartilage and its traumas;
    • aseptic necrosis of the epiphyseal bone, arthritis develops in the last stages of the disease.

    Pathogenesis of deforming arthrosis or osteoarthritis inside

    The pathogenesis of osteoarthritis or deforming arthrosis of the initial insideInitial arthritis - a state of degeneration of articular cartilage.

    To understand the development of the so-called"Arthritic joints", the cause of which is not covered in the background diseases of the joints, or trauma, and in the primary eating disorders cartilage, you must first understand what the hyaline cartilage and where he draws the necessary materials for their "existence".

    Hyaline articular cartilage, which is aelastic sponge, synovial membrane covering the surface of the inside of the joint, and joint fluid that fills the joint cavity, - it is one system called "synovial joint environment." Due synovial fluid penetrating into cartilage during its compression inside the cartilage nutrition occurs. From the bone, on which "lies" cartilage agent receives it from the blood vessels of the subchondral plate. Violation of exchange of the synovial fluid and blood flow change in bone epiphysis leads to "starvation" of cartilage. Dystrophic changes trigger osteoarthritis, act as causes of subsequent degenerative processes.

    Under the conditions of inadequate nutrition cartilagelose their properties and ability to withstand stress. Develop effects of osteoarthritis, bone deprived of the protection and subchondral plate begins to feel the blows, leading to circulatory problems in her and the subsequent aggravation of degeneration of cartilage.

    Cartilage more "hungry", becomes brittle,on its surface cracks, breaking away from him small pieces of irritating synovium, synovitis and provocative violation of synovial fluid metabolism. Cartilage, devoid of another portion of the nutrients, and thins erased, revealing the surface of the bone epiphysis.

    On similar injury accelerated bone respondsconstruction of bone substance in the direction of the joint space, osteophytes are formed mechanically irritate the synovium, synovitis aggravating and causing the appearance of restricted movement. Since osteoarthritis progresses, "bone", which should not be present in the joint cavity normally becomes more and more. They are starting to block the movement of the joint, "to unite" to germinate connective tissue and finally, completely deprived of the ability to move the joint. There is joint contracture and the patient is incapacitated.

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