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  • What are cracked heels?
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  • What are cracked heels?

    Healthy well-groomed heels should
    have a smooth, clean and soft skin pinkish color. But the inconvenient
    Shoes, beriberi, etc. significantly affect the condition of our feet. AND
    now instead of pink heels appear unsightly calluses,
    corns, warts and of course, crack. They are not insured
    no one.

    Cracks not only decorate your feet
    but also cause a lot of pain in the heel when walking. On the sole at
    This becomes a little thin notches visible, which are then
    go into deep cracks.

    Cracked heels
    appear when excessive dryness of the skin when it is reduced
    elasticity. Interestingly, the cracks may be due to
    endocrine malfunctions in the system - they can be symptoms
    vitamin deficiency, diabetes, gastritis, vitamin A deficiency and skin
    diseases. Provoking moment of the appearance of cracks heels is
    wearing synthetic socks and uncomfortable shoes, and in the summer open
    shoe heels are generally unprotected. According to him constantly slap
    backs sandals. The impacts arising from wounds, sometimes even
    imperceptible, infection and inflammation provokes falls. Leather,
    affected by fungal diseases, particularly vulnerable. Buying
    Getting rid of cracked heelsthe chronic form, the fungus dies down for a while, but in the summer can

    No matter how unsightly cracks,
    this is easily remedied. Of course the problem is complicated, but solvable. The main thing -
    time to do the treatment. The secret - in regular medical procedures and
    Moisturizers that help to get rid of cracked heels
    forever. Treatment requires a lot of time and patience. It is important to identify
    causes the appearance of cracks. With this question better to turn to

    Treatment of cracks on the heels

    Widely used tools,
    based on petrolatum. Pure Vaseline is also very well softens
    cracks and promotes skin hydration. To begin with legs steamed in
    hot water with a small amount of boric acid (1 teaspoon per
    a glass of water), and then a layer of petroleum jelly on the crack, whereupon
    applied the patch and leave it on all night. The procedure is repeated
    daily up until cracks disappear altogether. A variant of this
    Procedure for fat deposition is cracked. Thereafter, the feet
    put a plastic bag over it and toe and leave it All

    Esche one similar treatment option cracks
    Heels: heated beeswax, paraffin, and salicylic acid
    equal parts with a cotton swab is applied to the mixture to heel. give
    it dry and in the same manner with a 2-3 layer. The dry film
    strengthen by a bandage. After a day doing soap and soda
    tray, remove the tape and processed pumice heel. repeat
    procedure several times.

    If deep cracks,
    for preventing infection with antibiotic ointments. Without
    treatment on the basis of the heel cracks may start a fungal disease
    feet. To avoid this, you need to use anti-fungal ointments,
    lubricating them regularly cracks.

    for the treatment of
    cracked heels and use herbal remedies. Medicinal plants
    It has a healing and soothing effect on the skin, speeding up
    healing. For example, by thin incisions on the heels helps
    attachment to them grated apple or onion lotion for
    several days. Rub on a small grater juicy apple or a raw onion,
    puree spread on a piece of thick fabric, and is applied to the soles of his feet,
    fixing bandage. For deep cracks humidification same
    doing a fresh tomato.

    You can take
    cinquefoil roots 25g, marshmallow root 25 g, add 500 g of butter.
    All these boil water bath for exactly one hour. The resulting mixture is rubbed
    at night in the sore spots.

    Esche one vitamin
    Recipe: 100 grams of carrots grate, put in a glass jar and
    pour 0.5 liters of sunflower oil. Let it brew for 10 days in a warm
    dark place. Strain. At night, rub into the sore spots.

    helps soaked kvass or vinegar breadcrumbs if
    put it on the sore spots. Very quickly heal cracked heels with
    daily application of lotions or hot packs from the roots
    elecampane. You can also apply a med or fresh cabbage leaf -
    apply it to the skin at night and in the morning lubricate the crack any heel
    moisturizer. Very useful bath Calendula (tablespoon
    1 liter of water), with St. John's wort or nettle (2 tablespoons per 1 liter


    All these methods are needed to treat cracks
    heels, but our task - to avoid these unpleasant moments. therefore
    first of all, every woman should set aside time to care for their
    beautiful legs. Start with teplyh water treatments. soda baths
    well soften the skin. Do not forget about the scrub for the feet: heel steamed
    You need a good rub with a pumice stone or a special brush. chapped
    the skin should be removed promptly. Then go to massage the feet.
    Circular movements rub fat cream into the skin. This massage
    warm up and increase blood circulation in the feet.

    And most importantly - shoes should be comfortable and well-groomed. Do not be lazy once again to dry and wipe ee insole.

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