How to help your aching joints?


How to help your aching joints?Degenerative processes in the joints, leading tothe development of osteoarthritis, often observed in young. This is especially true of diseases of the joints of the spine - spondylitis, spondylarthritis, low back pain, alas, not uncommon even in relatively young adults, and the elderly suffer most from them.

The reasons for this are many - physical inactivity, unhealthynutrition, vitamin deficiency, trauma during sports activities or as a result of excessive exercise, immune, hormonal and metabolic disorders, certain infectious diseases, etc. Even the constant stress is harmful to the joints -.. it causes muscle spasms, which impairs blood circulation and nutrition of joints and leads to their destruction.

How to recognize a beginning arthrosis?

A sign of osteoarthritis may be the appearance of painresistive load on the joint and its reduction to a state of rest. When moving the joints "crunched", there is tension and spasm of the muscles in the affected area. There are the so-called start-pain, which occur at the beginning of the movement, and after some time, when a person "at odds" calm down. Over time, if untreated, develop joint deformity may develop aseptic inflammation.

What is to be treated if sick joints?

How to help your aching joints?If there is severe pain and signs of inflammation, the doctorappoint a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and / or hormonal drugs for pain feasting inflammation. However long you can not take these drugs. Even in a healthy person as a result of prolonged use of NSAIDs (such as aspirin) possible lesions of the gastrointestinal tract with the formation of ulcers and erosions. If the patient already has gastrointestinal disease, the physician is forced to limit or completely abandon these drugs.

Added to NSAIDs - and in some cases,alternative - are external agents. The best known are various ointments and gels, but in the treatment of large joints (knee, hip, and spine joints), their effectiveness is still not very high. Besides ointment acts briefly and apply it often enough - not very convenient.

From folk remedies often use differentalcoholic hot compress, or just dry heat, but this is only possible at home. But what if you need to go to work or just to leave the house? And not just in the joint is convenient to put a compress.

With modern medicine recommends

All these problems are forcing physicians to seek newforms of drugs, convenient to use, are not harmful to the body and at the same time sufficiently effective. The most promising are considered local funds with complex action - anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promotes natural regeneration process.

These tools include the Up & Comingthe popularity of a new generation of drugs - medicinal plasters, which have already gained popularity in Japan and China. Great interest in these modern forms of drugs show doctors in Europe and the USA. Recently, medicinal patches have become popular in Russia.

Not all patches are equally useful

Now on the shelves of pharmacies you can find variousmedicated plasters. Which to choose? It makes sense to use only those drugs whose effectiveness is proven by clinical studies. This, for example, therapeutic anti-inflammatory analgesic patch NANOPLAST forte.

The efficacy of this preparation was confirmedinternational clinical studies. So, placebo-controlled, multicenter study led by the Research Institute of Rheumatology RAMS, showed that the use of the patch NANOPLAST forte can significantly reduce and sometimes even cancel NSAIDs and significantly speed up the healing process of patients.

How treats NANOPLAST forte?

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effectforte NANOPLAST patch based on a combination of two factors: therapeutic effect of a constant magnetic field generated by the rare earth magnets, and soft deep thermal action of infrared radiation, induced by contact with the body of the patch.

This combination leads to an acceleration of blood andlymph circulation, reduction of congestion, improvement of venous outflow, improves local metabolism in the inflammation. The result is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of the drug, accelerates the natural healing of the affected area.

Remember, you can restore the joint, only ifdestruction process has not gone too far. For the prevention of osteoarthritis is necessary to good nutrition, adequate - but not excessive - physical activity. At high loads on the joints chondroprotectors use, and at the first sign of joint disease - the safest local products, such as NANOPLAST fort, which will help restore the health of your joints.

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