People with Asperger Syndrome, Disease Story


  • From the history of the disease...
  • People with Asperger Syndrome

  • From the history of the disease...

    Cranks, bore, strange - often for
    These labels are hidden by real innate differences having as
    their strengths and their weaknesses.

    Back in the 1940s
    years Austrian psychiatrist Hans Asperger described children who have
    There are big problems in communication, despite the normal, and sometimes
    Even very high intelligence. Asperger himself called them «Little
    Professors». Despite the fact that Asperger worked for a long time, the concept
    «Asperger Syndrome» it became actively used only in the last
    years, and most people, even specialists, do not know about him. Syndrome
    Asperger is part of the so-called «autistic spectrum». But if Sam is
    Autism is associated with severe speech delay and striking
    differences, then Asperger's syndrome is something like autism in very
    «soft» form.

    Since childhood, people with Asperger syndrome feel,
    that they differ very much from others. Many in their stories
    They say that perceive themselves aliens with another planet, which
    have to deal with incomprehensible customs of earthlings. Their differences also
    Rarely accepted by others: for example, the overwhelming majority of children with
    Asperger syndrome is subject to systematic injury at school.

    Many of them have intelligence above average and strongly developed
    logical thinking. For example, it is likely that Asperger Syndrome
    Albert Einstein, the former two-room at school and the famous
    dislike for social events, as well as many other famous
    People past.

    Cause Asperger's syndrome, like all variations
    Autism spectrum, - congenital genetic features. According to
    Latest data, belonging to the autistic spectrum is determined
    A few genes. This is not a disease that can or need
    «cure» or «to correct» - This is a part of a person who has its own
    pros and cons.

    People with Asperger Syndrome

    Asperger's syndrome has perception other than most
    of people. Differences in thinking and difficulties in communication mainly
    related to the fact that information from the senses is processed by them

    Every person with Asperger's syndrome has its own
    Features feelings. For example, some are too sensitive to sharp
    sounds, others - do not put the flashing lamps, which no one besides them
    notes, others - can not understand when they are hungry, and when not.

    People with Asperger Syndrome, Disease Story
    Too much
    prolonged impact on sense organs leads to «Touch
    Overload» - A person loses the ability to work, becomes
    irritable or, on the contrary, flows into a stupor. Man with syndrome
    Asperger is important to learn how to control the volume of sensory information to
    avoid overload and on time to recover.

    people during communication 95-97% of the information get from «Body language» and
    intonations of another person, although not aware of this. People with syndrome
    Asperger «Blinds» in relation to other gestures and shades of speech, so
    notice only what has been said, and literally.
    For example, a person may not feel someone else's bodily borders and stand
    too close «Navisaya» Above the interlocutor, and causing

    Any social situations, especially unfamiliar,
    cause such a person «Sensory overload», depletion. Other
    People literally «load» them, not because they are something
    uncompatible, but simply because communication loads the senses. So
    that a friend's party or a hike in a nightclub for most people
    autistic spectrum is not a way to leisure, but a real torture.

    People with Asperger Syndrome do not perceive those uncommitable social
    The laws that we assimilate by experience. It's just those people who like
    in a famous anecdote, to the question «How are you?» Start really
    tell me how they are doing. And if they say «Call any time»,
    can call at three o'clock in the morning with a clean conscience. Full inability
    Understand hints I «read between the lines» - complicates relations S
    others, but it is necessary to remember that the reverse side of this -
    Honesty and straightness. Many people with Asperger Syndrome in general
    don't know how to lie, and the intrigue on their part does not have to.

    Because the
    people with Asperger syndrome poorly recognize the tone of the voice from others, they are not
    Understand emotional intonations in childhood, and their own voices
    often seem hard or impassive, just because they
    There is no familiar emotional color. Very often a person with
    this speaks in his native language «With accent» - It seems that he is a foreigner,
    Although it is not clear what nationality.

    Also in people with this
    Syndrome can be strange, for example, «Jumping» Gait, unusual
    gestures and lack of usual «Body language». All this does not mean that these
    People do not experience strong emotions or indifferent to the feelings of others.
    Quite the opposite, many people with asperger syndrome painfully
    experience any other suffering. The problem here is B «Difficulties

    Each without
    Exceptions of the autistic spectrum is so-called «Special
    Interests», That is what he is interested in most of what he wanted
    would devote all your life. Interests may be ordinary, for example,
    Painting, translation from a foreign language or physics. Sometimes special
    Interests look exotic - the history of teddy toys or learning
    Train timetables. When a person with Asperger's syndrome is engaged in,
    that he is interested in, he sees nothing and does not hear, demonstrating a rare
    Competence in the selected area.

    No better way to help in
    study to a child with Asperger syndrome than to use his special
    interest. It is also very important that the place of work of a person with syndrome
    Asperger coincided, one way or another, with his special interest. In that
    Case Employer will be actually an ideal employee who
    really loves work and ready to work in the day and night. Wherein
    Unusual thinking of people with Asperger syndrome often gives birth to new,
    Non-traditional approaches. As employees, people with Asperger syndrome -
    Inborn «Generators ideas». True, the soul of the team they are unlikely
    They will also be at corporate parties, they are also better not to wait, however, in
    most professions need not at all.

    from the main problems of people with Asperger's syndrome in that those surrounding
    understand their features, and explain them «Abnormality»,
    «Escape» or «Lazy». The problem is that they expect those
    standards and behaviors as from most people and themselves
    autistic spectrum, often impose inadequate requirements.
    It is important to understand that a person can be talented and successful in one, and
    Noncompeatient in another, even if it is another such simple thing as
    conversation by phone or just a secular conversation. However, it is important
    understand with respect to all people - we exaggerate our resemblance and often
    We do not notice or discriminate people with differences, and this applies not
    Only to Asperger Syndrome. After all, in the end, in reality we all
    with one planet.

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