How to treat arthrosis of the shoulder joint?


  • How to treat arthrosis of the shoulder joint?
  • Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint: the treatment of movement
  • Shoulder arthritis: treatment hondroprotektorami and hyaluronate
  • How to treat osteoarthritis in the acute stage

  • Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint disease treatmentFirst, it is difficult to fasten a bracomb your hair, wear a hat or open the hood of the car, then the hand completely stopped listening, and even use a spoon when eating becomes a daunting task. Osteoarthritis - a disease can bring a lot of discomfort. Which doctors treat arthrosis of the shoulder joint? What procedures include treatment of the disease and whether you can do something yourself? Try to understand.

    How to treat arthrosis of the shoulder joint?

    Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint treatment is importantstart time when the first discomfort in the shoulder area. The first symptom of the disease may be fatigue limbs, the occurrence of pain after heavy physical exertion. As long as these feelings are temporary and disappear after rest, it is hoped that the disease process has not gone too far, and the question of what the doctor treating arthrosis can be considered timely. Cartilage is already damaged, but restore it and stop the progression of the disease is still possible, if we turn to the therapist, rheumatologist and traumatologist.

    Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint: the treatment of movement

    Physiotherapy at initial arthrosisthe shoulder joint - treatment that will help to strengthen circulation in the shoulder region, improves nutrition of cartilage tissue, will facilitate its recovery, would preserve and increase the mobility of the articular joints.

    1. Sit up straight, put your hands on your knees, relax as much as possible and begin to fulfill his shoulders swaying motion inwards and outwards. The amplitude should be small, only a couple of centimeters.
    2. Lifts and lower the shoulders.
    3. Make gentle movements shoulders back and forth.

    Exacerbations osteoatroza shoulder joint, treatment These exercises do not require physicaltraining and can be performed several times a day with no signs of acute osteoatroza shoulder joint, the treatment of the disease in the presence of symptoms of arthritis does not provide training. In this case, before the cure shoulder arthritis with the help of physical therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy is carried out, aimed at the elimination of pain and joint swelling.

    To relieve the tension of muscles, often accompanied byShoulder arthritis, muscle relaxants are used. In addition, using physiotherapy techniques impact prescribe drugs that improve blood circulation and activates metabolic processes in the cartilage tissue.

    Shoulder arthritis: treatment hondroprotektorami and hyaluronate

    What doctor now treats deforming arthrosis of the shoulder without chondroprotectors? These drugs are really effective inthe initial stages of the disease. Their action is aimed at the restoration of cartilage and preventing its further destruction. hondroprotektarami therapy is long and expensive, but it is most useful.

    The "cold" period of the disease possiblethe use of hyaluronic acid preparations. They are administered into the joint to improve the composition of the synovial fluid, cartilage nutrition, restore its elasticity and ability to withstand stress. hyaluronate contribute to the regeneration of cartilage tissue, suspend osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, but this treatment is only applicable in the absence of signs of synovitis.

    How to treat osteoarthritis in the acute stage

    In the presence of signs of inflammation of the shoulder joint arthrosis treatment begins with NSAIDs. These drugs allow to stop the pain, reduce swelling of tissues in the shoulder area and remove the acuteness of the process.

    Effktivny way to how to treat arthrosis of the shoulder jointWith a pronounced synovitis is sometimes used in the administration of the joint cavity glucocorticoidsWith strong anti-inflammatoryeffect, allowing to quickly arrest the worsening of the disease and to begin studies in physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy and Reconstructing Treatment hondroprotektorami and hyaluronate.

    Lack of effect of conservative treatment,progression of the disease, the presence of severe pain and lack of mobility in the joint is an indication for surgical treatment - joint prosthesis.

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