lupus erythematosus


  • The skin, and systemic ... ordinary
  • Who is lupus?
  • The vaccine against himself
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  • Is lupus curable?

    lupus erythematosusThe skin, and systemic ... ordinary

    Systemic lupus erythematosus has nothing to do with ordinary lupus (tuberculosis) - a rare form of tuberculosis, leading to the formation of typical reddish-brown nodes on the skin.

    Systemic lupus erythematosus manifested variedsymptoms and takes place either in the form of skin - discoid lupus erythematosus (DHQ) or visceral in the form of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

    When DHQ on the skin (usually on the face andother exposed parts of the body, the available sunlight) formed characteristic rounded raised plaques with redness and peeling, in the center of which is often observed scarring; internal organs are usually not affected.

    SLE - a disease of rheumatic nature, ie, It refers to a group of the same diseases as rheumatoid arthritis. In SLE, severe destruction of the joints, skin, nervous system, kidneys and other internal organs. Skin changes may be the same as at the DHQ or manifested by redness and a rash on the cheeks as a characteristic "butterfly on the face." Often, however, the skin remains normal.

    Who is lupus?

    Lupus erythematosus mainly affects youngwomen. Among patients DKV seven out of ten - women aged 30 years and older. nine out of ten among SLE patients - women, with half of them are the first symptoms appear between 15 and 25 years.

    The vaccine against himself

    Cause DKV is unknown how and the reason for 90% of SLE. At 10% it is apparently a side effect of drugs, eg procainamide (procainamide), which is prescribed for cardiac arrhythmia.

    It is believed that lupus hasautoimmune origin, ie, It caused by a particular type of allergic reaction in which the body of the patient produces antibodies (autoantibodies) to its own tissues, as if he were vaccinated against himself. The reasons for such allergic reactions remain unclear.

    How to diagnose?

    In SLE there is a damage of the white blood cells andThey are released from nuclear components (nucleoproteins), undergoing certain changes in the blood plasma. This nuclear material is absorbed by other white blood cells, change their properties, making the so-called LE-cells (LE - from lupus erythematosus).

    Apparently, there are similarlyautoantibodies directed against nuclear material own tissues and so-called antinuclear (anti-nuclear). In this regard, in the diagnosis of SLE LE-cells detect and antinuclear autoantibodies and determining the amount of certain serum proteins, whose content falls in the active phase of autoimmune diseases.

    How to treat lupus?

    Skin rashes can be treated with creams or ointments,and sunscreens containing corticosteroids. When expressed skin manifestations are highly effective anti-malarial drugs. Stronger corticosteroid therapy, in particular, the appointment of oral prednisolone, used mainly in the defeat of the internal organs, but it helps with skin manifestations.

    Is lupus curable?

    Many ill SLE in mild orundulating current form able to lead a normal life. The duration of the disease depends on its severity and on which authorities mostly affected. The cause of death is most often are irreversible kidney damage and infection. Since the mid-50s as a result of continuously improving treatment methods, life expectancy of patients with SLE is much increased.

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