Top 10 secrets that allow no frill in winter


All eternal freezels we
We will reveal ten secrets that will help feel comfortable and not
Freeze in winter.

Secret number 1: Learn
Healthy food

Top 10 secrets that allow no frill in winter
Many nutritionists
converge in the opinion that in winter it is impossible to feel cheerfully and healthy without
full-fledged proper nutrition. Certain products allow the body
gain energy and save heat. Here are some of them:

  • Kashi out
    whole grain products;
  • hot soups;
  • ginger;
  • Spices (Cinnamon,
    Paprika, nutmeg, fragrant pepper).

Secret number 2: Warm
Right drinks

Overwhelming majority
People are mistaken about the heating effect of alcoholic beverages. Organism,
Of course, it will warm up, but at a very short period of time, after which it will start
doubt. Coffee, by the way, is heated not enough.
It is best to drink hot chocolate and herbal teas.

Secret number 3: on
Features try to massage hands and legs

Precisely after
frozen hands and legs, man begins to understand what it gets cold.
Try to rub your hands more often, and if there is such an opportunity, then the legs.
Make yourself massage before going out on the street and on returning home. Take
Hot foot baths with the addition of warming essential oils.

Secret number 4: Heat
Dress up

Simple rule, but also in
minus twenty some girls manage to scream without hats and men
stubbornly refuse to wear pants. But if you warmly are dressed, a large
part of the work aimed at preserving the heat of the body.

Secret number 5: Keep your legs
In warmer

In addition to winter clothes on
You must have winter shoes. As soon as the legs freeze, the body becomes
vulnerable to a huge number of diseases, so woolen socks and warm
boots will help you not only warm up, but also to keep health.

Secret number 6: not
Negregate special lies

For winter pore
There is a huge number of male and female thermal power. It is ne
misses the cold and keeps the heat of the body even at the lowest temperature. Not
Sleaze to wear it. You do not wear shorts, tops and sandals in winter, it means
Linen needs to choose.

Secret number 7: stop

Top 10 secrets that allow no frill in winter
Challenged people calm
even the most tall frosts. However, do not hurry to swim naked in
Strock, start with a small — For example, from the morning contrasting soul. BUT
In the evening you can do hardening the legs. Put a wet towel in
freezer, and when it freezes - get a little bit on it
Stop. After immediately put on warm, preferably woolen, socks.

Secret number 8: not

It seems that the nerves are not
can influence that cold or hot to you or hot. But when a person falls into
stressful situation, blood begins to stick to the brain, and in the meantime of the limbs
Slowly frozen. To quickly warm up, you need to try sharply
all muscles and then relax.

Secret number 9: breathe nose

If you breathe in the cold
through the nose, then the air falling into the lungs on the breath will be more time,
To warm up. At the exit, the same air will give the heat of the body. Plus to this
When breathing through the nose, the risk of getting angina.

Secret number 10: more often
Be near your loved one

The heart of the in love beats
faster, and therefore he has better blood circulation. Also win-win
Option with any frost — embrace! People's bodies emit warmly and than
You will be closer to your loved one, the better the heat exchange will be between you.

If you follow these
Simple rules, any winter will not be terrible. Stay healthy!

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