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  • Traditional medicine against heel spurs
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  • Treatment of heel spurs vinegar essence

  • The question is how to get rid of heel spurs, worriedevery tenth person on the planet. Acute pain in the heel, which resembles a hot nail prick, gives a lot of trouble and makes it impossible to walk normally, and wear a beautiful dress shoes.

    The disease does not pose a threat to life andpull was "good tradition" of patients to visit a doctor. Than go to the clinic and to stand in line, it is easier to buy in the pharmacy some ointment for the treatment of heel spurs or try to remove the heel spur unconventional method.

    Traditional medicine against heel spurs

    Traditional medicine: vinegar from heel spursIn this disease, a heel spur,traditional medicine, or rather her recipes, particularly frequently used. It is worth noting the huge contribution made by traditional medicine in the traditional therapy of heel spurs, the treatment combines traditional methods of healing and new modern techniques. Judging by the reviews of patients, many thanks to the popular recipes rid of pain in the heels.

    Most people's favorite procedures, recipesnatirok and ointments for the treatment of heel spurs are used based on their anti-inflammatory action. After all the pain of heel spur is a consequence of soft tissue inflammation and plantar fasciitis. Elimination of swelling and inflammation contributes to the disappearance of pain, and the presence of bone spike does not prevent live. Subject to reduce loads on the foot, correction of flat feet, heel spurs weight loss is no longer bother.

    Ointments, lotions, rubbing treatment for heelSpurs usually involve warming effect, blood flow to problem areas, the removal of the accumulated products of inflammation, excess fluid, strengthening of local immunity, activation of reparative processes. Are no exception and folk recipes for the treatment of heel spurs vinegar.
    It is difficult to imagine how it can be linkeddisease "heel spurs" and vinegar. However, on the Internet and print media are very common feedback on the effectiveness of the treatment of patients with heel spurs vinegar.

    Treatment of heel spurs of wine vinegar

    Mix in equal parts flour, cookerysalt, sugar and dry mustard. Add the vinegar, turned to mush by density reminiscent of high-quality cream. The mixture was put on the gauze, apply to the heel and secure the bandage. The procedure is recommended for the night, when there is an active tissue healing.

    Action compress increase if prior to the imposition of a hot bath for the feet.

    How to remove the symptoms of heel spurs using apple?

    Take sour apple, eg "Antonovka"remove from it the core, the pulp grate. Gruel attach to the heel, cover with plastic wrap and wrap a warm scarf. This procedure is carried out at night for 10 days. Initially, the heel may swell, but the pain will be much weaker.

    Universal apple substitute for suchdisease such as heel spurs - vinegar made from apple juice. Apple cider vinegar gently moisten the cloth attached to the heel and lock like a compress. The procedure is repeated in the evening for 2-3 days, and then another 2-3 days just to rub vinegar sore heel and wear wool socks. The pain should be gone.

    Treatment of heel spurs vinegar essence

    Lotions, rubbing ointment for the treatment of heel spurs Prepare according to this prescription ointment for the treatment of heel spurs.

    Take 100 g of visceral fat or butter, 100 ml of vinegar and whole egg.

    Melt the fat or oil to a liquid state,immerse it together with the whole egg shell, pour vinegar essence, do not stir, cover and place in the refrigerator for 10 days. Acetic acid is completely soluble shell eggs. After the allotted time the mixture from the refrigerator and beat with a mixer, you should get the ointment with a pungent odor of vinegar.

    The ointment is applied to the patient in the bath steamed heel every night and wrap up warm cloth wrap to keep the whole night.

    It should be noted that in the case of a strong burning sensation whenincreased sensitivity of the skin, in the presence of abrasions, inflammatory ointment that can not be used, there may be severe burns and irritation. But if it is possible to carry out the procedure within one month, the pain will be forgotten.

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