We warm ourselves heels! Traditional methods of treating heel spurs


  • Heel spur and popular methods of getting rid of the pain
  • People's treatment of heel spurs potatoes
  • Baths with salt kaknarodny treatment of heel spurs
  • Turpentine when heel spur (national method)

  • We warm ourselves heels! Traditional methods of treating heel spursHeel spurs are called disease, the maina manifestation of which is pain in the heel. Bone spike may not yet be, but the disease is already at each step of asserting itself sharp, piercing pain, resembling an injection hot nail. The cause of pain is not the presence of acute bone outgrowth on the heel bone and soft tissue inflammation in the heel and plantar fasciitis. Proof of this is the fact that great-looking bone spurs may be asymptomatic, without causing any inconvenience, while tiny, barely emerging bony growths can become a cause of terrible suffering.

    Heel spur and popular methods of getting rid of the pain

    As well as the traditional conservative therapy,traditional treatments of heel spurs are aimed at combating inflammation. They effectively relieve pain, promote remission of the process, the regeneration of damaged tissues. Subject to the use of special shoes, cushioning insoles, arch supports and inserts under the heel, the results of the national treatment of heel spurs can be quite comparable with the use of drugs and physiotherapy.

    In alternative medicine is very popularwarming procedures, traditional treatments of heel spurs are no exception. warming effect is achieved by thermal effects on tissue and stimulating effect of herbs and natural substances components. Warm and hot foot baths, wraps and compresses help activate blood circulation, enhance the local blood vessels, the influx of nutrients and bioactive substances enhance local immunity and repair damaged tissue. When the heel spur treatment of folk remedies leads to an improvement of microcirculation and lymph circulation, reduce swelling and pain disappeared.

    People's treatment of heel spurs potatoes

    Traditional methods of treating heel spursTake 6-8 potatoes and boil them "in uniform". From hot potato prepare mashed potatoes, instead of the traditional milk and potato broth add the kerosene.

    Ready-made mashed potatoes lay in a tight plastic bag and immerse it in the affected leg. Keep your foot in the smoothie until it has cooled down, about 15-20 minutes.

    After the procedure, wipe the leg clean with a damp towel, apply a rich cream and put on wool socks, keep the feet rest.

    It is recommended to carry out a course of 3-5 treatments daily.

    To experience the maximum effect of the folka method for treating potatoes with heel spur is necessary at night to fix the leg with an elastic bandage or plaster. The foot should be at right angles to the tibia, this avoids plantar fascia shortening and prevent its subsequent injury and inflammation.

    Baths with salt as a folk treatment for heel spurs

    Take 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt andDissolve in 1 liter of hot water. Immerse the injured leg in the tub for about 40 minutes. The water should be hot enough to feel comfortable throughout the procedure, despite the passionate desire to get rid of heel spurs, any treatment, and folk methods, including, should not cause discomfort.

    After the bath, wipe the leg with a clean towel,wear warm wool socks, fix the foot sore feet with an elastic bandage at a right angle with respect to the tibia. Already after a few treatments you will feel a significant improvement.

    Turpentine when heel spur (national method)

    Heel spur. Traditional methods of treatment of heel spursThe healing properties of turpentine underlie the popular methods of treatment of many diseases, heel spurs as well. Buy turpentine at any pharmacy.

    In the evening before going to bed, eyes open in the skin of the footsore feet a small amount of turpentine, put on wool socks, elastic bandage fix the foot at a right angle to the shin. Already in the morning you will feel that the pain recedes. Perform the procedure every night for a week, you completely get rid of unpleasant sensations in the heel, heel spur accompanying. If the effect of treatment of folk remedies insufficient, extend the course to 14 days, and repeat it a week later.

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