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  • What are the social aspects of the disease?
  • So why are there these hateful pimples?
  • What mechanisms regulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands?
  • What methods can be used to treat acne?

  • What are the social aspects of the disease?

    According to statistics, 60-80% of young people aged 12 to 24 years
    prone to acne. It would seem, why not? commonplace
    pimples! However, they are often the cause of
    pathological anxiety sensations, and in some cases
    provoke the development of depression. People suffering from acne, usually
    They have difficulties in adapting the social environment, including the above
    the percentage of unemployed people and single persons.

    The presence of acne on his face has
    sometimes such a strong influence on the psyche of young men or women, which leads
    eventually to suicidal attempts. Recently, among the young residents
    Germany, the survey was conducted, the aim of which was to determine the effect of
    skin condition acne Treatmentgirls self-awareness. It turned out that the presence of
    normal skin happy and attractive felt like 75%
    respondents. However, only 1.5% of girls whose skin was exposed
    acne, could say about myself the same thing. But 35% of them
    feel depressed, 35% - uncertain, and 30% - even

    So why are there these hateful pimples?

    the reason lies in the violation of the sebaceous glands, which
    located in the skin around the hair follicles. They are especially numerous in the
    represented in the forehead, nose, chin, and chest and back.
    That is why these areas of the skin most prone to acne. She is
    It occurs when the sebaceous glands begin to secrete sebum
    more than the norm, and its chemical composition is also changing.

    say that the sebaceous glands are holocrine glands type. it
    It means that the cell secreting fat dies and then transformed into
    horny scales, which comes out of the lumen of the gland to the surface
    skin. When acne such cells significantly speed keratinization
    raised, they do not have time to release the gland duct, the mouth of the duct
    locked and in the follicle accumulates a large amount of skin
    fat. Thus formed acne. They are in no way to express themselves, while their
    not "occupy" the bacteria.

    The fact that hair follicle -
    The favorite habitat of Corynebacterium acne, which is translated from
    Latin means "eels". Its reproduction leads to disruption
    the integrity of the follicle epithelium, accumulation in it of active products
    life of bacteria, which are mediators of inflammation. Moreover, in
    the pathological process may involve both surface and
    deep layers of the skin, which, in fact, leads to a different
    clinical disease.

    What mechanisms regulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands?

    Speaking about the violation of the sebaceous glands and the problems with it
    related, we have not yet touched on the most important question: what governs
    their secretion? There are two "control" mechanism of this process.
    First - neurogenic. It is known that many mental and nervous
    disease may be accompanied by increased skin fat and vegetative
    imbalance - a frequent companion oily skin.

    The second mechanism -
    hormone. By stimulating hormone sebum,
    are corticosteroids - hormones of the adrenal cortex, and
    androgens and progesterone. The opposite effect is estrogen -
    they inhibit the excretion of fat. In the body of a young girl during the
    the formation of ovarian maintenance of male sex hormones -
    androgens - can be improved. They also cause enhanced function
    sebaceous glands.

    What methods can be used to treat acne?

    Currently, there are effective treatments for various forms of
    acne. Mild disease focus is on
    the right facial skin care, hygiene regularity. For
    they recommend the use of antibacterial soap,
    special cleansing and soothing the skin foams, lotions, tonics,
    aqueous-alcoholic mash. Selection of external dermatological
    drugs is a doctor-cosmetologist, as, indeed,
    and the question of the expediency of peeling procedures. Therefore
    Patients should also be careful in choosing
    cosmetics and decorative cosmetics is better to buy a
    «Noncomedogenic» marking.

    Treatment of moderate and severe forms
    disease requires assigning system of pharmaceuticals, such as
    antibiotics, hormones, and others. If you have reading widely
    used physical and surgical methods for the treatment of acne and their
    consequences. So do not despair: acne It can be effectively treated.

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