Allergic diathesis in children


  • What can cause diathesis?
  • The manifestations of diathesis
  • Treatment
  • prevention

  • Allergic diathesis anomaly of the constitution,
    characterized by the body's susceptibility to allergic,
    inflammatory diseases. Diathesis - is not a disease. This word
    indicated by the initial stages of skin diseases such as seborrheic
    and atopic dermatitis, infantile eczema. And if this condition (diathesis)
    Left untreated, it can develop psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Diathesis - a phenomenon
    common. It is usually in children 3-6 months of life and persists
    up to 1-2 years. A child with an allergic diathesis easily gets
    enhanced sensitivity not only to food substances, but also to such
    external allergens like wool, house dust. For these reasons,
    as soon as the diathesis in a child - he needed medical

    What can cause diathesis?

    Allergic diathesis in children
    Feed your baby as recommended by pediatricians.
    Any experiments on baby may give unexpected results. TO
    eg, uncontrolled feeding of the mixture without a prescription. The thing is
    that the mixture may be different, and in many of them contain many
    Sahara. It causes fermentation process. As a result, the child becomes
    restless, rash appears on the skin.

    Unfortunately, diathesis is not fully
    studied anomaly. But there are factors that directly affect the
    the emergence of a diathesis.

    • Hereditary predisposition.
    • Exposure to the environment.
    • Toxicosis first and second half of pregnancy.
    • The use of drugs during pregnancy.
    • Violations of the food regime of pregnant and lactating women.
    • Some types of foods to which "leans" pregnant or
      lactating women.

    For infants allergens are mainly food products, but they can do and by air.

    The manifestations of diathesis

    For children who are subject to diathesis,
    characterized by specific symptoms. Usually these children are born with
    increased body weight. The child, in spite of the care - appear
    diaper rash. On the scalp it appears and disappears
    seborrhea. The surface of the tongue of the child uneven - in his medicine
    referred to as "geographic tongue". Face - pale and puffy. excessive
    body weight, retarded physical development, reduced tissue turgor.
    Basic diathesis symptoms can be diverse. In infants
    age of dirty gray or brown scales in the form of seborrhea
    bonnet or shell on the scalp, - mainly on the crown
    and the crown. Possible manifestations of lesions of the mucous membranes -
    rhinopharyngitis, laryngitis, conjunctivitis, unstable chair.

    A frequent symptom - the so-called milk
    scab. This crust on the skin of the cheeks, a bright red cheeks. It is accompanied by itching,
    can turn into eczema. And eczema in turn may go in


    Mistaken are those who believe that the main
    treatment component diathesis - is different ointments. Moreover, their use
    and often occurs without a prescription. This is extremely dangerous - recall
    again that diathesis onset. What - will determine only
    dermatologist. The most important component of treatment is diathesis
    proper nutrition. Well, after receiving the necessary enzymes, and in
    least ointments.

    Standard, conventional diet does not. Just
    nutrition nursing mother should be rational, less carbohydrates,
    fat, salt, various allergens. If diathesis in a child is not
    infants, as well exclude some products from his region -
    jelly, eggs, pork, fish. The diet mainly: buckwheat,
    salads, vegetable casseroles.

    Also assigned medication. First of all, this means reducing the itching, then sedatives and vitamins.

    Appointed by local treatment - lotions, ointment
    therapy. In addition, for the treatment of essential bath with oak bark,
    succession, celandine, or potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). maybe
    application of ultraviolet radiation.


    Once again, the power is the future mother
    an important factor. A pregnant woman should eat in moderation - do not overeat and
    not malnourished. food allergens should be reduced, - citrus,
    eg. This does not mean that you need to be provided by the citrus at all -
    one orange or lemon in the tea can not hurt. But according to the principle -
    how much I want to eat - you just help allergen accumulate in
    your body. And when the baby is born - will react to it
    diathesis. It is important that the diet of pregnant women were as much as possible
    less carbohydrates (products of pastry), and more healthy food -
    salads (at least 2 types of the day), cooked meat (protein), dairy
    products. Preventive maintenance for the child has been ill too diathesis
    It must be respected. The diet is not necessary to introduce new products.
    Food should be well treated, in moderation.

    Weather in compliance with all the recommendations and the organization of proper nutrition is favorable.

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