• Causes of baldness (alopecia)
  • Hair loss in women
  • Alopecia Areata (Alopecia Areata)
  • Physical injury
  • Funds from baldness

  • Causes of baldness (alopecia)

    Many systemic diseases can causehair loss. Any long-term weakening of the body (eg, due to fever, viral infections, malaria, operations, accidents and even childbirth) can cause hair loss. For hair loss can also cause mental strain and stress. Intensive hair loss starts at about 3 - 4 months after illness and lasts for 3-4 weeks.

    However, most of the lost hair grows inwithin 3 months. Nutritional deficiencies, drastic weight loss and anorexia nervosa also trigger hair loss. Often the cause of hair loss in women is becoming anemia. Hormonal disorders, particularly thyroid cancer and ovarian disease, also cause hair loss. Trigger alopecia may also be some drugs, such as birth control pills.

    Hair loss in women


    In women, hair loss can begin on the basis ofhormonal imbalance. The female body contains a small amount of the male hormone androgen, which is responsible for male pattern baldness. If the men in your family are prone to baldness, it is possible that your hair is sensitive even to very low content of the hormone androgen.

    However, hair loss and baldness in schemeat the root of women is different from men's. As a rule, women hair falls out on the whole surface of the head, so the hair loss less noticeable. With such a scheme of hair loss in women is often associated acne and hirsutism (excessive body hair).

    Alopecia areata (

    Alopecia Areata)

    Alopecia areata - the third type of hair loss. Receding hairline first appear on the head, but gradually also apply to the eyebrows and eyelashes. In men, hair loss also captures the chin. Receding hairline appear suddenly, but usually preceded by severe stress. Fortunately, in most cases, this problem is solved by itself, without outside interference - after a few months the hair starts to grow as quickly as it fell. This type of hair loss is more common in men and is sometimes motivated leykopatii (violation of skin pigmentation) and diabetes.

    Hair loss may also cause somediseases of the scalp. Many people believe that dandruff is able to cause hair loss, but it is not. Children's hair loss is often caused by fungal infections. In some cases, the cause of alopecia may be bacterial infections.

    Physical injury

    Finally, physical trauma can also causehair loss: this type of hair loss affects women more than men. Uncomfortable hairstyles, for example, are tight in a ponytail hair, just pull the hair from the root. Usually hair starts to fall on the crown, but this process is terminated, if you change the hairstyle. For hair loss can cause permanent scratching brush with stiff nylon bristles and combs with big sharp teeth. Continuous high temperatures can also cause hair loss, so be careful with a hairdryer.

    Funds from baldness

    Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem,especially for women, in addition, not all types of baldness can be treated. It is not surprising that the sale of a huge number of alleged miracle cures for baldness. The effectiveness of a particular agent largely depends on the cause of hair loss. Remember that there is no universal miracle drug that will solve your problem in a few days, and most advertised means completely useless. In advertising of many of these drugs are used before and after pictures use tools that demonstrate the effectiveness of the medication. Undoubtedly, it looks very convincing, but the fact is that if after using the means to restore hair man with alopecia areata hair had grown back, it may be a coincidence, ie, Hair growth would have started anyway. Similarly, the hair that fell after a long illness, will recover on their own without the help of any drugs.

    The main thing in the treatment of alopecia - define itthe cause and eliminate it. Consult your dermatologist - he will find the cause of alopecia and prescribe appropriate treatment, after which the hair is restored.

    Men alopecia particularly difficult to treat. However, modern technology and innovative products offer an effective - though not cheap - solution to the problem.

    1. The simple and fast solution - to enhance the growth of the remaining hair and combed them in a way to hide a receding hairline. Air conditioning will give head of hair extra volume; but such non-radical methods are only suitable for those who suffer from minor and not total baldness.

    2. New drug minoxidil (minoxidil) - the perfect solution to baldness problems for millions of people. However, it should be taken only under medical supervision - despite the fact that minoxidil - a means of local application, it can cause dangerous side effects. But the main problem of minoxidil - its high price.

    3. Another rather expensive solution to the problem of baldness - hair transplant. The first hair transplant surgery was performed in 1959 by the surgeon Orentreich. The efficiency of this operation is ensured by the fact that after transplanting healthy hair on bald areas take root and continue to grow normally. This radical method of treatment of baldness is very effective if the operation is performed by skilled and experienced professionals.

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