Folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus


  • The drops of iodine on nail fungus
  • Rid help nail fungus Propolis
  • And it helped Kombucha
  • "Greenhouse" for feet

    Very often, doctors are skeptical about the attemptsPatients self-cure onychomycosis (nail fungus). And it is in vain: sometimes self brings remarkable results. The successful experience of self-deliverance from onychomycosis tell the readers of one of the most popular publications.

  • The drops of iodine on nail fungus

    Many suffer from a fungal disease of the legs. From my own experience I know that the manifestations of fungal diseases of the skin to cope easily enough, but if struck by nails, then output this attack difficult. The disease becomes chronic: one has only to stop a little sweat as the fungus immediately manifested on the skin between the toes. But if the cure nails, the fungus itself disappears forever.

    I was cured in this way: every day, morning and evening for twenty days, applied to the affected nails one drop of iodine (pharmacy 5% alcoholic solution of iodine). Nearby nails, apparently healthy, is evaluated, but once in two days. Days 5-7 there was a sense of light burning and soreness around the nails. These sensations - evidence that the treatment is successful.
    If the pain worse - it is necessary iodineapplied a little less often, three times in two days. I emphasize that the pain must be very light, almost imperceptible. Do not be too zealous, and to think that the more painful the better. After treatment the nails start to grow healthy.

    Rid help nail fungus Propolis

    How to get rid of nail fungus on my feet. I'm 67 years old, this attack did not pass me at the time. The fungus, or athlete's foot, you can pick up anywhere - on the carpet in the hotel, in the bath, on the beach ... The nails become brittle, changing the thickness and shape of the nail plate. But it is much more dangerous when the fungus starts to hit the inner tissues. Therefore it is necessary to begin treatment without tightening for many months, and even years. There are very effective treatments for fungus folk.

    Buy at the pharmacy a 20% propolis tincture oran extract thereof. Dip a cotton swab and apply to the sick nails. The procedure should be done daily. Soon the affected nail is gone, and a healthy rise in its place.

    Protivogribkoe effect is fresh mountain ash leaves. They must be carefully grind, to apply to the affected area and secure the bandage. The dressing changed daily.

    And it helped Kombucha

    Folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungusI have a fungus healed long ago, what to think aboutIt forgotten. But how long he tormented me! Everything turned out, I confess, by accident. I took the plate of tea fungus and put on the affected nail on top cellophane wrapped and bandaged overnight. (Mushroom stems juice, so it is best to wear socks, not to soil the bed). The first time a compress is causing the pain, but you have to endure another disease not win. I had the feeling that the two fought a duel fungus. And in this case kombucha won.
    In the morning I took off the compress, washed the foot in warmwater, cut off pieces of dead skin and handle all the damaged area with iodine. After a day or two, the procedure is repeated. And these procedures should be done at least 3-5. How many exactly? Here everyone is able to determine the extent of their condition. For example, I had enough three times to get rid of the fungus. And I spent two procedures for prevention, just in case.

    I want to warn at once that the new nail grows then very slowly. The main thing - it will be healthy and smooth, be patient a little bit, and the result is provided to you.

    "Greenhouse" for feet

    From nail fungus affects many people, and II know an effective remedy. Make an ointment from raw egg, a teaspoon of dimethyl phthalate, a tablespoon of vegetable oil IPT as much of 70% vinegar. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator. At night, it is necessary to rub the ointment into the trouble spots, top to wear a plastic bag and socks. (A similar "hotbed" and make the rest).

    When "nogteedov" running form compress should be kept around the clock, for 3-4 days. Fungus retracts back home, old nails slezut make room pink, young.

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