Help hair itself


    Say not, baldness

    Sooner or later everyone is faced withthe problem of baldness. Baldness affects men and women, old and young people. From him no one is safe, but there are some aspects that prevent excessive hair loss. In order to designate a number of measures to prevent baldness, let's see why some people into old age is a thick shiny hair, while others are starting to go bald barely reached thirty years. First of all, isolated hair loss generated by human hereditary predisposition. This is the dark side of baldness, since by man in this case, there is little independent. It can only apply any preventive methods to prevent early baldness.

    Baldness has other side. For example, alopecia, hormonal malfunction caused in the body. The most striking example is the hair loss in pregnant women or women in lactation period. Alopecia may arise as a side effect from the reception of specific drugs, poor hair care or harmful lifestyle. And in vain do you think that smoked a pack of cigarettes or five cups of coffee quite simply can not affect baldness. Bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle - these are the main factors of baldness!

    Help your hair yourself

    Help hair itselfWhatever the causes of baldness and excessivehair loss, the problem must be addressed. If you begin to notice that your clothes or comb accumulates a large amount of hair, it is necessary to sound the alarm! "A great amount of hair - this is how much?" - You may ask, and you will be right. For one person a large amount - is 20, and for another - 120. In order to dispel any doubt I must say that my barber said, that after all of the day, no matter how many times you do not comb in the evening you have to carefully examine his comb. While some hairdressers say that on average, you should not lose more than 70 hair daily. If you saw the comb a lot more hair, it is time to think about something in your life is not so. Most problems with hair loss is a way of life that we lead.

    Constant stress, increased nervousness,poor diet, lack of vitamins - is not the whole list of reasons, because of which we are losing your hair. Thus, to find all the signs of hair loss, try to take some time off, take a trip to the countryside or in the resort, relax, eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and you will immediately notice how you become a better look and your hair. Of course, these simple little tool will reduce your hair loss, but they can not completely stop the balding process. Often, hair loss requires a longer treatment.

    Preventing hair loss

    Help hair itselfEach of us, God gives a certain color,hair, eyes, nose and face shape, and it is equally important for any human presence of thick and healthy hair. Lucky for those who have hair is naturally thick and lustrous, but what about those whom nature cheated? The answer is simple. It is necessary to try to save what is given to us from birth, and try to improve the qualitative characteristics of rare hair. First, start with your lifestyle and diet. In addition, it is advisable to take vitamins for hair. The main vitamins for our hair are vitamins A and E. A good helper in the prevention of hair loss will serve as vitamin complexes, which is specially designed to prevent hair loss and baldness treatment.

    The most common product, comprisingvitamin A is carrots, eggs and cod liver oil. A vitamin E rich in nuts, seeds, and sunflower oil. Besides vitamin complexes, I recommend a daily morning and evening massage of the head. For this you can use a regular wooden massage brush. For your hair is most suitable wooden massage comb, the rest is contraindicated. Discard the plastic, glass or metal combs! In your arsenal should only be wooden combs and hairbrushes.

    How to treat hair loss

    If you only have hair loss has begun, it is notall is lost and you can still restore your hair. Often, the problem of sudden hair loss experienced by women after childbirth and during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the female body undergoes hormonal changes or actively lose calcium. Surely, you have heard stories that pregnant women eat chalk and plaster, filling calcium in the body. In this case, whatever the cause of hair loss, you need surgical intervention in the process of losing a thick and beautiful hair. Women are much harder to suffer hair loss than men.

    What can be done after birth

    Once a week to do thissimple mask: 1 tablespoon burdock oil, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of tincture of calendula, 1 tablespoon of onion juice and 1 egg yolk. All the ingredients are mixed in a ceramic dish and the resulting mask is rubbed into the hair roots.

    Once you have rubbed the mask covering his headcap for dyeing, and to take refuge on top of his head with a towel or handkerchief. The main thing is that the hair of the head surface is warm. We reserve the mask for 40 minutes, then wash off thoroughly with warm water and wash your hair.

    In addition, rinse after shampooing hairdecoction of different herbs: chamomile, nettle and burdock. For the speedy recovery of hair is further recommended rubbed into the scalp every other day tincture of calendula.

    What if they fall

    Methods of dealing with hair loss are many: invented a lot of drugs, there are a variety of massages, treatments for hair loss prevention, modern methods of transplantation and implantation of hair. But which one is the best choice. After all, regardless of the thickness of the purse, we all want to look good.

    Men in this sense, was more fortunate, becausebald men today are increasingly held in high esteem. Women went crazy with the bald film actors and idols are recognized Fyodor Bondarchuk and Bruce Willis. But the thing - bald women in the beauty is in no one writes. Moreover, the majority of men prefer women according to statistics with long thick hair. That dodge a woman as soon as may be and how much money allow. Some wigs and hairpieces to buy, others build up the hair, while others are engaged in hair treatment. The cheapest means to decorate her head chic hair is a wig or hairpiece. Natural wigs and hairpieces are made of natural and artificial hair. The difference between them is huge! If you do not want to look like a doll, buy a wig of natural hair of good quality.

    Yet the most reliable means for a beautiful head of hair was a cure for hair loss. Preserve and increase their hair!

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