HPV infection. Genital warts


  • The manifestation of human papillomavirus infection
  • Diagnosis of human papillomavirus infection
  • Treatment of human papillomavirus infection

  • HPV infection - infectiondisease of the skin and mucous membranes caused by papilloma viruses. The most common manifestation of human papillomavirus infection - genital warts. Cause of papillomaviruses (HPV) types 6 and 11. It affects mostly people papillomavirus, sexually active with different sexual partners. The disease is often found in combination with other infections, sexually transmitted diseases.

    Transmitted mainly sexual papillomavirusby including anal-genital and oral-gentalny (mainly in HIV-infected) contact. Possible transmission from mother to newborn during childbirth.
    The contact-household way of infection is assumed, it is unproven.

    The manifestation of human papillomavirus infection

    HPV infection. Genital wartsThe latent period of the disease may be from a few weeksup to several months, with an average of three months. During this period, the skin of the external genitalia, and mucous membranes of the genital tract are clean, with no evidence of disease. After this period begins warts growth. In men, genital warts are usually located in the foreskin of the penis, women - in the vulva, vagina, cervix, and around the external opening of the urethra. There are lesions virus anus and perineum.

    How are genital warts? They usually take the form of small nodular lesions, testovatoy consistency. Often nodules coalesce together to form tumorous growths resembling cauliflower, cockscomb or raspberries. A characteristic feature of genital warts is their lobed structure. Slices have a soft consistency. Color warts depends on their location. Education, located in the skin of the labia majora, perineum or around the anus have a whitish or brownish color. If warts occur on the mucous membranes of the vulva, vagina or cervix - they tend to pale pink or reddish. Warts, depending on the duration of the disease and its prevalence may be isolated, but can appear in groups, often merged with each other. Warts tend to be fairly rapid growth. Sometimes they reach impressive sizes and are able to almost completely block the entrance to the vagina or urethra. Warts often injured, and thus joins a bacterial infection. Then the picture of the disease varies.

    With the defeat of genital warts outdoororgans, skin, are generally not changed. However, with constant mechanical stimulation or failure to comply with hygiene skin becomes bright red, there is a sensation of burning or itching and sometimes pain in the vulva, especially aggravated after urinating. In the presence of genital warts in the vagina a woman start to disturb allocation muco-purulent character sometimes with bad smell due to decomposition of microbial infection of damaged structures. Separation, in turn provoking the mucous membrane of the vaginal opening, the labia minora, also contribute to inflammation of the vulva. Often becomes painful sexual intercourse. The anus warts are almost always complicated by a purulent inflammation. They concerned a woman, especially when driving and performing hygienic procedures.

    Special attention should be cervical wartsuterus. Cervical Warts are often combined with warts on the vulva and cervix are detected at inspection using mirrors or colposcopy. Sick women in most cases are not even aware of their presence, and they have identified a doctor with a random inspection. Unlike warts, which are located on the external genitals, in some cases, cervical warts tend to degenerate into cancer.

    Since the period of its growth warts do not cause particular concern, women usually go to the doctor later, when education is quite extensive and has already delivered inconveniences.

    Diagnosis of human papillomavirus infection

    The diagnosis is usually made on the basis of characteristic clinical picture.
    Your doctor may also take swabs from the vagina andcervix for the presence of a woman other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, often associated warts. Research by the PCR method, cytological and histological studies have resorted to extremely rare cases.

    Of great importance is colposcopystudy. It allows a good view of kondilomatoznye education and changes in them. With the defeat of the human papilloma virus cervical mucosa, mandatory inspection by women is a biopsy, that is, taking a small piece of tissue for examination of cells and tissues in the laboratory. Only when you can accurately set the help of this study, the manifestation of the disease are changes on the cervix.

    Treatment of human papillomavirus infection

    Treatment of HPV infection outsidegenital and cervical primarily directed at the removal of foci papillomatoznyh - warts. The most commonly for the treatment of vulvar warts applied chemical method destruction of warts solutions of highly concentrated acids and cauterization of warts with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery). In the absence of the effect of the abovementioned treatment is recommended surgical excision of warts. It should be borne in mind that the removal of genital warts does not remove the HPV from the body and does not exclude the possibility of recurrence of the disease.

    Additionally, specific antivirals are assigned in tablets and topically as ointments, means for stimulating the body's defense against the virus.

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