It is human nature to sweat!


  • Types of hyperhidrosis
  • Causes of disease
  • hyperhidrosis Treatment

  • It is human nature to sweat! at room
    temperature we have allocated about half a liter of sweat per day, and in the heat,
    especially when combined with physical activity, we sweat tenfold

    This ability often brings a lot of trouble. AT
    Meanwhile, a cold, we wrap up in a blanket and drinking tea with raspberries,
    to sweat!

    What is Hyperhidrosis? In which case
    sweating does not hurt, and when sweating should guard? let's
    try to understand ...

    Types of hyperhidrosis

    Hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating it.

    normal sweating amplifies in hot weather, during exercise
    or fever. Excessive sweating can occur with a reflex
    emotional experiences, pain, taking a hot or spicy foods,
    alcohol and some chemicals.

    It is human nature to sweat!
    Keep in mind that carrying
    tight clothing and shoes made of synthetic materials, stay in stuffy
    rooms with high humidity, drinking the wrong mode
    - Also result in increased potootdachi. All this - physiological hyperhidrosis, The protective function of the body from overheating.

    Pathological hyperhidrosis
    - Sweating is inadequate due to a number of neuroendocrine
    disorders occurs regardless of temperature effects on

    This sweating may be increased only
    the individual parts of the body: face, hands, armpits, soles
    feet. This is called hyperhidrosis local (Local). In addition there is a common local (generalized) hyperhidrosis at which disturbs the whole body sweating.

    all pathological hyperhidrosis is a symptom in various
    diseases. That is, is only sweating
    the result of the underlying disease. Healing it - passes and sweating.
    This secondary hyperhidrosis.

    However, there are primary hyperhidrosis. This excessive sweating for no apparent reason.

    What is now clear that the damp palms on a date - this is normal
    and sometimes even romantically, and wet stains under the armpits in the sun - at least
    and nasty, but quite natural.

    And what do you do if you
    excessive sweating in spite of all the laws and rules of physiology? how
    find out why, and where to turn for help?

    Causes of disease

    First, consider the basic conditions under which develops secondary
    hyperhidrosis. It is for these diseases will be primarily addressed
    Diagnostic search for a general practitioner to whom you seek

    • Endocrine diseases and conditions: increased thyroid function (hyperthyroidism), pheochromocytoma, diabetes, acromegaly, menopause and others.
    • The pathology of the nervous system and the psycho-emotional sphere: vegetative-vascular dystonia, seizures, panic attacks, phobic disorders, Parkinson's disease, polyneuropathy, stroke and others.
    • Infectious diseases: tuberculosis, malaria, brucellosis, helminth infections, sepsis, AIDS, and others.
    • Diseases of the cardiovascular system: ischemic heart disease, hypertension, and others.
    • kidney
    • Neoplastic diseases
    • Genetic diseases
    • As well as alcoholism, drug action, mushroom poisoning, organophosphorus compounds.

    As you can see, the list is big enough, but even he did not fully cover all the possible causes of excessive sweating.

    As a rule, secondary hyperhidrosis
    sweating the whole body, there is no time of day, there remains a clear
    connection with the activity of the underlying disease and, as far as recovery,
    Sweating is reduced.

    To find the causes of hyperhidrosis you
    It will be offered to the standard examination, including laboratory and
    instrumental diagnostics. You may need to visit specialists:
    endocrinologist, neurologist, an infectious disease specialist, gynecologist, oncologist, and others.

    It is human nature to sweat!
    when in the survey did not find the reasons for the development of
    sweating, talking about primary hyperhidrosis as an independent

    For primary hyperhidrosis often characterized by local sweating. There are complaints about the constant and excessive sweating on the face, hands, feet, armpits.

    streams flowing on the skin leads to irritation it contributes
    the accession of infection and the development of fungal diseases. In people
    there are serious physical and social problems, worsens
    standard of living.

    Sometimes primary hyperhidrosis is inherited and runs in families. More often symmetrical and ends at night.

    hyperhidrosis evaluation prompted a huge number of techniques. Most
    of them have no practical value for the diagnosis, and there
    Only for research, used in preparation for the
    surgery and to confirm the effectiveness
    the treatment.

    technique can be reduced to the determination of weight loss for certain
    intervals, sweat absorption in special chambers. apply
    electrometric methods based on the change in skin resistance
    sweating process.

    Use the abilities of various substances
    change its color when combined with sweat, which allows qualitatively
    determine the location of hyperhidrosis areas. There are provocative
    Tests with the introduction of various substances which stimulate or depress

    Thus, the diagnosis is clear. How can we get rid of this disease?

    hyperhidrosis Treatment

    despite the fact that modern medicine offers many solutions
    the problem, the answer to this question will be prosaic. Cure hyperhidrosis
    You can, but ...

    Firstly, a long treatment of hyperhidrosis. There is a need for repeated courses.

    Secondly, be prepared for a significant cash expenditures.

    among physicians there is no consensus on the priority method of treatment.
    The superiority of the various methods constantly challenged. To date,
    the time has not yet accumulated sufficient information about the results of the treatment.

    conclusions about the preference of one or another method has to do in
    mainly on the basis of literature review, private study and
    monographs. Apparently, the search for the optimal method of treatment - something for the future.

    , a person suffering from hyperhidrosis is an extremely
    stranded and forced to take an active part in
    choosing a method of treatment. Let's try to sort through
    basic medical techniques and recommendations, weigh them
    efficacy, safety, and cost kosmetichnost.

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