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  • Sweat is not harmful
  • What is sweat
  • the body's thermoregulation
  • Reasons for sweating
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  • Sweat is not harmful

    During my long life I have guys, I confess, waslot. But the memory of one of them is special. I remember the smell. Moreover, not the smell of his cologne or deodorant - I was dizzy from the smell of his sweat. Whenever possible, I stick his nose in his armpit and ...

    Said Napoleon, returning from a military campaign, he had sent ahead of him always notes his Josephine with the text "Do not wash up, I'm coming!" They say, even smelled her shirt. As I understand it!

    However, the smell of unwashed body - it's not quiteto me. I like the smell of sweaty, but clean. Yes, the smell - is there anything more exciting than the salty droplets running down the collarbone during the hot summer nights of love!

    What is sweat

    Pot, in Latin Sudor, 99 percent isof water. The remaining one percent of full sundries - nitrogenous substances, amino acids, soaps, cholesterol, alkali metal salts, steroid hormones, and even vitamins. And how many minerals - sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, manganese, and iron. I licked a few drops and daily rate guaranteed!

    Provided is an abundance of sweat glands,which permeated the entire area of ​​the skin. Sweat glands do not have, except for the red border of the lips, the head of the penis and foreskin. The most abundant sweat glands cover the skin of the forehead, armpits, inguinal folds, the pads of the fingers and toes, palms and soles. The total number of glands in a human can reach 3.5 million.

    the body's thermoregulation

    The primary objective of sweat - thermoregulationorganism. Isolation on the surface of the water and salt and said that sweating is involved in water and salt metabolism of the body. But we have the most interesting aspect of sexual attraction, an important role that is played by body odor and the smell of sweat as well.

    Men smellScientists have found that we choose a loverhelp to special receptors in the nose. Moreover, they only respond to sexual smells, and absolutely indifferent to aromas of spices, plants and so on. D. These receptors tell us whether we should take a closer look at a particular object, or let him go on his way. And, it is possible that the smell of the person for us is much more important than his external qualities or spiritual wealth. For example, who you most want to spend the night - with attractive smelling Quasimodo or David Beckham if he suddenly starts to build your eyes, mercilessly povanivaya while landside sorted?

    Substances that attracts attention to his personpotential sexual partners are known as pheromones and produced by apocrine glands - a special kind of sweat glands. Pheromones animal scientists have long laid out on the shelves, but the pheromones of people studied is extremely bad. One of the most thoroughly investigated of pheromones - androstenone, a derivative of the male sex hormone testosterone.

    In the men's sweat androstenol (substances similaron androstenone) to fifty times higher than in women, and the most active he begins to be produced with the onset of puberty. Moreover, pheromones are most effective in "close combat." Many of them are not able to spread through the air and act on the object only in indirect contact - kissing, oral sex, etc. Therefore, the smell - is not what attracts the candidate to bed, and what keeps him there. To combat the smell of his mysterious stranger can be, perhaps, by inviting him to dance.

    But we must not forget that the currentCulture is aimed at suppressing the instinctive reactions. You could say that the brain works as "jammers" pheromone signals, avoid razgulivaniya animal instincts. Scientists believe that alcohol helps to relieve the brain control, which usually contributes to sexual advances. However, the development of alcoholism also contributes.

    Reasons for sweating

    If moist hot embrace you preferredthe other, it makes sense to pay attention to the residents of the southern countries. Scientists say that they sweat more abundant than the northerners. But only those who lived in the hot climate of the age of two, when there is a formation of sweat glands function.

    Causes of perspiration can be thermally andmental, and each of them is controlled by its center and has its own nervous apparatus. For example, the skin on the palms and soles become wet with mostly mental strain. In contrast, forehead and armpits are sweating on any occasion, but other skin surface begins to pump water is increasingly under the influence of temperature.

    A healthy person loses at room temperature400 - 600 ml of sweat per day. But if, for example, to chop wood in the sun, there is a chance to get rid of 10 - 12 liters per day. Physical activity combined with high temperatures often used by athletes when they want to lose weight quickly.

    Saunas are used since ancient times folkmedicine in a so-called "diaphoretic treatment." Even in ancient times people believed that the sweat - it means to cleanse the body. By disorders are diagnosed even sweating. For example, a cold sweat testified to the serious complications of the disease.

    Contained in sweat pheromones may haveVarious treatment modalities. The smell of a loved one can soothe, relieve stress, understand the mood. Scent of a woman can help another woman in the regulation of the menstrual cycle. And those ladies who are going to have offspring, can benefit from inhaling the smell of second-hand men's shirt.


    By itself, the secreted by sweat glands secretis sterile, however, hitting on the skin surface, it begins to interact with the secretions of the sebaceous glands, microbes, and the smell of sweat acquires new shades. By the way, about Napoleon and his love for wife unwashed body - scientists suspect that pheromones may not be the only substances produced by the body itself, but also a number of substances, resulting in bacterial decomposition of hormones contained in sweat. But no one has yet been able to find out for sure. Just as the answer to the main question - what substance is "the most important" pheromone of love and that it responds to a person: for some individual substance or combination of these substances.

    In addition to environmental conditions, origin,and body temperature, perspiration and odor intensity may depend on the state of health, age, sex, clothing. The smell of sweat can even depend on the foods that you ate last night for dinner.

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