Boils - prevention and treatment


  • How do you determine that you have developed a boil?
  • Furunculosis
  • Prevention boils
  • Treatment for boils

  • As a rule, boils, or as they are called in the common people, "Chiri"
    can appear on almost any part of the body (the abdomen, face,
    legs, buttocks, neck, hips, upper arm, back, back of the hands)
    except feet and hands, fingers (i.e. smooth surface not covered

    To predispose the development of the disease
    skin contamination (non-observance of elementary rules of hygiene)
    microtrauma, poor living conditions, weak immune system (due to
    the presence of chronic diseases), increased sweating, abnormal

    How do you determine that you have developed a boil?

    Boils - prevention and treatment
    the first couple hard enough to distinguish from ordinary pimple boil,
    because the boil begins to develop from a small painful
    inflammatory pimple red. However, unlike the banal
    pimple, boil takes at least a week. Somewhere already in 3-4 days
    pimple becoming more and more painful all at the center of its forms
    abscess and boil for 5-7 days opened with pus and
    rod. Only after that decreases inflammation, pain subsides and
    boil begins to heal, but in place furuncle is
    a small scar (as a rule, does not pass).


    Medicine also has such a thing as "furunculosis" - multiple
    lesions boils that occur simultaneously or
    successively on different areas of the skin. For suffering from humans
    boils, appoint, as a rule, autohemotherapy, injections
    aloe extract, intake of brewer's yeast, in severe cases, is carried out
    to prevent staph vaccine immunotherapy. All these
    measures are applied in order to increase the body's resistance.

    Prevention boils

    • personal hygiene;
    • prevention and timely processing of micro traumas to the skin;
    • maintenance of the immune system (vitamin-mineral complexes, physical exercises).

    Treatment for boils

    the appearance of boils not conduct self at home and
    in no case do not pierce yourself Chiri. Basically,
    boils treatment includes treatment of the skin antiseptic and
    special cases (when it comes to abrasions) take antibiotics
    (Orally or intramuscularly).

    At the initial stage it is necessary
    handle carefully skin around the very furuncle 70% alcohol, 2%
    salicylic or 3% boric alcohol and tincture of iodine. When the hearth
    inflammatory already opened, pus came out, you can continue to use
    ointments to various antiseptics (for example, Vishnevsky ointment). After
    how chir heal, it is recommended to treat the affected area
    for some time with an antiseptic to prevent recurrence.

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