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    Tested on itself

    Psoriasis cure for hard timesEven the non-communicable disease is called"Imperial". This ailment hurt many famous people, including Joseph Stalin. And in the thirties of the last century, Winston Churchill, for many years suffered from psoriasis, despair offered to erect a monument to a man of gold, otkroyuschemu mystery disease. American National Psoriasis Foundation promises to the doctor, to save mankind from the scourge of the award, comparable in size to the Nobel Prize. The Fund is financed by rich families, in which psoriasis is a hereditary disease, and does not skimp on the research. Consultant dermatologist and phytotherapeutist Svetlana Ogneva, to develop techniques for the treatment of psoriasis, on the winner does not claim the laurels.

  • "A truly interested in the patient's curepsoriasis only one doctor, who himself had been ill with the disease - says Ognev. - For me it is important not recognized scientists, and "spark of life" in the eyes of patients, appearing a month after the start of treatment. "

    Ogneva very ill with psoriasis for nearly 30 years. The diagnosis put her in seven years. The girl has experienced as sharp and painful thorns were the "Devil's Rose" - as in the Middle Ages called psoriasis. As a child, my mother forbade them to the neighborhood kids to make friends "with a strange girl" in his youth classmates "just in case" does not reach it. In 28 years, a certified dermatologist, venereal diseases due to psoriatic arthritis (a type of psoriasis that affects the skin and joints) have the third group of disability. Soon Svetlana Mikhailovna suspended from work, from doctors, patients fled in terror.

    When the woman was disappointed in the officialmedicine, she whispered to someone that is in the Sakhalin sorceress, treating psoriasis Altai and the Far Eastern herbs. Ogneva flew to the other end of the country. Soon, the disease has receded.

    With the world on a blade of grass

    "I have learned to tame the" uncontrollable "disease,completely relieving the patient from suffering for several years. Sometimes remission up to 5 - 7 years. If after that the patient does not fall into euphoria and gives himself 15 minutes a day, taking the herbal infusions, baths, dieting, it almost does not remember about the disease "- the doctor said.

    More than a year Ogneva lived on Sakhalin, adoptingquack experience. Returning, Svetlana turn over a lot of literature about phytotherapy, reviewed the successes and failures of "brothers in misfortune." In general, with the world on a blade of grass - has turned a new method of getting rid of psoriasis based on herbs and natural products. Now for the manufacture of herbal raw materials Firing driven from the Far East, Altai, Krasnodar, Romania (clean place "Hercules Baths"), Ukraine, Crimea.

    How to treat?

    Psoriasis cure for hard timesFiring Technique, including herbal therapy 40 species, multi-stage. The main rules:

    • monitor the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, take herbal baths;
      • not treated by the aggravation;
      • discard any hormonal methods;
      • diet: excluded Solanaceae (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant), chocolate, alcohol, fatty meats and fish, hot spices, dairy products with high fat content;
      • not used for the treatment of grass stored for long periods of the year;
      • regularly take herbal infusions, and monitor the nail plate, psoriatic.

      Such treatment, according to Dr. Firing,quickly bring results in a month in 90% of patients disappear almost all the external symptoms of psoriasis. Thereafter, treatment is continued for another two months. Eighteen months later, repeat the course.

      By the way, a partial confirmation of his theorySvetlana found the American osteopath John Pagano, American author of the bestseller "The treatment of psoriasis - the natural way." "If at opposite ends of the planet's two people independently of each other and recommend herbal advised to exclude from the diet of a number of products, provoking the disease, so this is something to eat!" - Convinced Ogneva.


      3-6% of the world suffer from chronic, non-contagious psoriasis. Of the thousands of dermatologic patients in 100 diagnosed with "psoriasis".


      Psoriasis is mentioned even in the treatises of ancient medicine. The first clear description of the clinical manifestations of psoriasis is dated '40 n. e., in 1801 R. Willan gave a classic description of the disease.

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