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  • Why does hair fall out?
  • How to stop hair loss

  • Why does hair fall out?

    Season restore hair health open

    The increased loss
    Hair for most women is equivalent to the loss of beauty and female
    appeal. Faced with such a problem, many women often
    are unsure of themselves, are beginning to feel a heightened sense of anxiety,
    fear, some drastically reduced self-esteem.

    Today this problem is facing more and more women and
    men (according to statistics about 79% of women and 96% men). In this age
    group suffering from increased hair thinning tends to "rejuvenate":
    already 25 years living in metropolises often refer to trichologist for
    professional help.

    How to stop hair loss

    Do not be afraid
    ahead of time. The easiest way
    stop increased hair loss - to understand the cause and eliminate it.
    Among the main causes of alopecia are: poor diet,
    stress, poor environment, hormonal disorders, infections, hereditary
    factors, the seasonal factor.

    Pharmaceuticals does not stand still, pharmaceutical companies produce more and
    more effective means of dealing with alopecia. In the Russian market ALERANA - series number 1 against hair loss

    Spray ALERANA for
    outdoor use is a drug for the stabilization and
    increased hair loss treatment and androgenetic alopecia (baldness). AT
    spray composition includes minoxidil component[2]acting
    directly on the hair follicles. Minoxidil alters vascular tone,
    improves nutrition and strengthens hair roots due to the activation of microcirculation
    scalp. This, in turn, stimulates the growth of new hair increases
    phase of their active length increases the growth and hair thickness,
    increased density of hair. clinically
    proved that the spray
    ALERANA stops
    hair loss after 6 weeks in 87% of cases, stimulate new hair growth,
    It increases the duration of the active phase of growth, increases the thickness
    hair, improves hair density[3]

    Season restore hair health open

    Another advantage of the drug
    It is that ALERANA spray comes in two dosages
    and 5%: 5% minoxidil solution contains an increased concentration
    active components stimulate the growth of hair more than 2% of the solution.
    Patients who by using 2% solution is not observed cosmetically
    satisfactory hair growth, and the patients for whom it is desirable more
    faster hair growth, you can use 5%

    With the convenient form of a spray release
    provide a point, focused on the impact on hair follicles.

    Also in the line means ALERANA you find shampoos and
    Balm-conditioners, mask, and tonic-care for hair based on natural
    growth stimulants, and vitamin and mineral complex ALERANA for integrated impact and
    strengthening the hair bulb.

    [1] According to the ADB "Pharmexpert", "Audit of retail sales
    preventive and curative cosmetics in Russia "," Retail Sales Audit elite,
    of active and mass market cosmetics in the Russian Federation "(the functional groups - activators
    hair growth, baldness and hair loss) in value terms,
    January-June 2012.

    [2] It refers to Minoxidil
    group of activators of potassium channels. It is the most studied group,
    which is confirmed by numerous clinical studies the effectiveness of
    in the leading scientific centers of the world.

    [3] Open comparative study to assess the
    efficacy, safety and tolerability of the drug ALERANA
    (2% and 5% minoxidil solution), SM Kirov Military Medical Academy, 2012 (6 weeks / 4 months).

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