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Some 10 years ago, the dysfunction was a normal and generally accepted procedure aimed at preventing and treating some diseases of female genital organs. Today, this manipulation with a scripture is loss of influential popularity, since, according to multiple laboratory research, the dysfunction may cause reproduction of serious bacteria and even cause complications.

What is a scripture

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Regarding this method and its influence on the female organism, the opinions of gynecologists diverge. Some oppose such a procedure, others consider its implementation quite appropriate, but exclusively as part of the integrated treatment of certain diseases of the small pelvis organs.

Drying is, in fact, washing the vagina with various drugs and solutions. The most important thing is what every woman should know, the dysfunction can be used strictly on the prescription of the doctor. Just how to do scriptures cannot be done and this is why: the healing solution after douching contributes to the violation of the microflora of the vagina, damage to the epithelial layer of the cervix, and subsequently leads to a vaginosis. One of the reasons for the appearance thrush are regular scriptures without a significant occasion. You need to know that carrying out washing into the vagina, you wash a healthy microflora, that's why modern gynecologists do not recommend scrustling to their patients or prescribe therapeutic irrigation strictly in permissible dosages.

Symptoms are such symptoms as:

  • erosion manifestations;
  • chronic inflammation of the vagina and cervix;
  • the need to restore the acid-base balance of the vaginal environment;
  • Thrush, Staphilococcus.


  • period;
  • inflammatory process, acute andxite;
  • Endometritis;
  • during pregnancy;
  • within a month after abortion or Rhodework.

Procedure implementation technique

Gynecology, Female Diseases, Women's Health, Drying

Tips beginner when performing douching:

  • Do not hold the medicinal fluid inside, and therefore do not occupy a fortune. Washing should be carried out exclusively in a sitting or standing position;
  • Do not need to introduce a plastic tip of the device too deep into the vagina. You should not have pain at the same time;
  • Use fresh solutions, and the remnants of the drug need to pour;
  • Water for breeding the solution are warm, but not hot or cold;
  • The duration of the procedure is about 15 minutes, and its frequency - twice a day in the morning and in the evening. After the facilitations of the symptoms come, the dysfunction is performed only in the evening;
  • It is important not to create a strong fluid pressure so that it does not get beyond the cervix, since you can provoke an inflammatory process;
  • Before applying, the scrubbing tip is better to boil in water for 2 minutes, and the pear itself or the circle of Escama is thoroughly rinsed;
  • Do not use a docking device as an enema;
  • need to carry out the cleaning procedure slowly and carefully. Remember, you should not feel the pain at the same time, you need to relax and calmly drew dysfretion;
  • Observe accurate proportions in the preparation of the drug solution, especially if you need to use manganese, soda, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide. Drug shepherds should be used immediately after cooling.

Useful recipes

Gynecology, Female Diseases, Women's Health, Drying

Drug solutions for drying:

  1. Manganese. It is quite dangerous to use this component, doctors consider. The slightest overdose of manganese crystals and you can harm your health. Not only that the solution of mangartean, with frequent use, destroys the useful microflora of the vagina, so also burns its thin mucous membrane. The wrong is considered the opinion of some women that manganese can be used to prevent pregnancy.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. Such a solution is bred in a ratio of 30 g per 1 liter of warm water. This procedure is able to restore a healthy acidic environment in the vagina.
  3. chamomile. The decoction from this plant is easy to do, it is enough just to boil in a saucepan of 1. L. dried flowers with 0.5 l of water. Cool it to a temperature of about 40 degrees, and you can use.
  4. Soda. It should be aware that the soda is capable of changing the acid-alkaline balance in the vagina, which is a very favorable medium for spermatozoa. That's why Social scripture so often women are used for successful conception. It is necessary to carry out the washing approximately 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse, however, you do not need to forget about bacteria that can be very easy to penetrate and lead to the development of candidiasis. The solution is prepared in proportions of 1 h. L. Soda per 500 g of water.
  5. Chlorophyllipt. Some gynecologists are very often prescribed by their patients, since it is effective in the fight against pathogenic bacteria and staphylococcal. The remedies of the wide range of chlorhexin are the same properties. One tablespoon of alcohol solution is diluted with 1 l of water. Chlorophyllipt is an allergen, so before use you need to test the sensitivity and explore the instructions for use.
  6. Vagotil. It is effective in eliminating erosion diseases of the organs of a small pelvic, thrush and other bacterial infections. To douch, 5 ml of the solution of the drug is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water.

Our site warns that it is impossible to paint without reason. Often women use a scripture just for the cleansing of the vagina. Alone and without appointing a gynecologist, you do not need to start damp, because self-medication can harm and worsen the condition.

On the eve of the visits to the women's consultation, it is also better not to do washing the vagina, because due to the lack of natural lubricant, the doctor will not be able to take a smear. Otherwise, the result of a clinical study will be incorrect and will not be able to put an accurate diagnosis.

Frequently sprinkles contribute to the washing of natural pH of the medium, microflora impaired and contribute to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. Uncontrolled dying on the power of delicate health effects compared with overdose Antibiotics. Permanent use of fringe can increase the risk of allergies, as well as injury to the cervix and bladder. The walls of the vagina will also get irritation, as a result of which inevitably inflammation.

According to numerous studies of gynecologists, frequent rinsing may be the cause of some inflammatory diseases of the small pelvis organs. This is I Endometriosis, Endometritis, Vaginit, Salpingit and so on. Such cleansing procedures dissolve and wash the protective plug in the cervix, contributing to the inlet of the uterus of various infections. Research results suggest that more than 50% of women who have problems with the reproductive system have the habit of doing sharpening at least once a week.

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