• The concept of stafilodermii
  • ostiofollikulit
  • Staphylococcal sycosis
  • Epidemic pemphigus newborns
  • Furuncle
  • Carbuncle
  • hydradenitis

  • The concept of stafilodermii

    Pyoderma are a group of diseasesthe skin, the main symptom of which is festering. The causative agent is a bacterium of the genus stafilodermii streptococcus. There are the following species stafilodermy:

    • ostiofollikulit
    • folliculitis
    • sycosis
    • epidemic pemphigus newborns (surface stafilodermii)
    • furuncle
    • carbuncle
    • hydradenitis (deep stafilodermii)


    StafilodermiyaOstiofollikulit - located at the mouthhair follicle small pustules (bubble) with a tight lid in the center of which is hair and a narrow rim of hyperemia (redness) is located on the periphery.

    When distributing festering deep into hairfollicle ostiofollikulit transformed into folliculitis, which differs from the first by the presence of inflammatory infiltrate in a node located around the hair. Sycosis and folliculitis can be single and multiple. They are located in any part of the skin where there are long and well-developed vellus hair. When healing purulent crust is formed, after the removal of which is found bluish-pink stain, fade with time.

    Staphylococcal sycosis

    Staphylococcal sycosis - multiple, heaplocated on the bluish-red and infiltrated skin is usually the chin and upper lip ostmofollikulity and folliculitis, at different stages of development and are prone to long, sometimes long-term, recurrent course.

    Epidemic pemphigus newborns

    Epidemic pemphigus newborns - sharpdisease affecting infants during the first 7-10 days of life. Characterized by numerous bubbles of various sizes with clear or turbid contents and thin flabby tire. It affects the entire skin, except the palms and soles.

    Bubbles part dry up to form a thincrusts or continuing to increase in size and merge with each other and burst, leading to the formation of erosive surfaces, sometimes exciting all the skin (exfoliative dermatitis Ritter). Possible involvement in the process of the mucous membranes. May join common phenomenon, sometimes severe, leading to death.


    Furuncle - a necrotic inflammationthe hair follicle and the surrounding tissues. Furuncle is ostrovospalitelny unit with a bubble on top. With the opening of exposed necrotic core, on which the rejection is formed ulcer healing scar. A manifestation of the disease is pain. Boils can be single or multiple, current can be acute or chronic. Sometimes join lymphadenitis and lymphangitis, fever. With the localization of the face, especially in the nasolabial triangle, possible meningeal complications.


    Carbuncle - dense infiltrate deep(Induration) purplish-red color with signs of pronounced edema resulting from a purulent inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous fat. Through holes are formed stands thick pus mixed with blood. By rejection of purulent masses formed a deep ulcer healing severe scarring. Manifestations of the disease are excruciating pain. The general condition is usually impaired. Carbuncles occur in debilitated and malnourished people in the back of the head, back and waist. Extremely dangerous person carbuncles, such patients are subject to mandatory hospitalization in a surgical hospital.


    Hydradenitis - purulent inflammation of the sweat glands. In the skin (usually the armpits) formed ostrovospalitelny node, at the opening of which stands out the pus. Subsequently, the process is subject to scarring. There soreness. There are common disorders, especially when multiple gidradenity forming massive conglomerates. Hydradenitis more common in obese women suffering from sweating.

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