Scars: the operation "delete"


  • The first method
  • second method
  • A third method
  • The fourth way
  • The fifth method
  • sixth process
  • seventh method
  • The eighth method

  • Scars: the operation "delete" What scars - and everything is clear. Holders of these skin blemishes already know that their causes are surgery, burns, skin rashes, or injuries.

    Having examined carefully the services offered, we conclude that the most common and proven methods of removing such defects are:

    Form scarring is different, however, as well as color. It depends on many factors, such as the location, characteristics of muscle, properties of the skin.

    The first method

    Introduction to the special nature of the hormonal drugs or hormone therapy. In this method, the removal of the scar is particularly important experience doctor, because hormones work with extremely complicated.

    second method

    Grinding skin, in which processed small, inconspicuous scars. Although the duration of the procedure, a period of healing, the result is worthy.

    A third method

    Cryosurgery. This method is applied to the rumen, which area no more than 100 square centimeters. The bottom line is exposed to the skin defect lowest temperature at which the abnormal tissue are destroyed, killed and rejected, and further there is a rapid regeneration of the skin.

    The fourth way

    Ointments and creams for the resorption of scarring.

    The fifth method

    Silicon wafers, which arepatches with a soft, gel-coated lipkovatym. This method decreases the formation of excess connective tissue and the formation of a pronounced keloid scar.

    sixth process

    Peeling fruit acids, allowing the skin to rejuvenate and stimulate regeneration in the deeper layers.

    seventh method

    Laser removal of scars, in whichdamaged tissue returns to its original state. In addition, the laser has a bactericidal action which significantly reduces the risk of infections or complications.

    The eighth method

    Tattoo or permanent makeup scar area, as well as pigmentation, scars implantation.

    Depending on your age, hereditaryfactor, the nature of the scar or suture doctor will prescribe a particular method. So look in the spring and summer can be even more attractive thanks to modern developments.

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