Halitosis: Myths and Legends


The number of myths about bad breathIt is constantly growing. And no wonder, because people are constantly trying to get rid of the smell, but not all succeed. Hence there are myths and legends.

Halitosis can be seen to

Halitosis: Myths and LegendsMany believe that they can catch their ownbreathing, substituting his hand between the mouth and nose and dyhnuv in it. Unfortunately, we can not determine - the smell in our mouth or not, because they get used to their own smells. In addition, in many cases, the unpleasant smell will not appear until we start to talk. The fact that the smell is generated at the base of the tongue and carried forward only when we are talking about.

How do you know, it smells in your mouth or not? One of the best ways - to have a trusted friend who does not hesitate to tell you about it. If you do not fit this method, it is to take a cotton ball (or a piece of gauze), and rub his tongue in a remote part of (but do not bring themselves up to the gag reflex!), And then sniff the ball. When unpleasant odor, you should start using a scraper for the language. With the help of this simple device you not only will regain breath of fresh air, but also improve your sense of taste and your health.

A more accurate assessment of the presence of an unpleasant smellYou can get to the dentist. The instrument for this purpose is called galimetr. Its action is very simple: the patient blows into a tube connected to galimetrom and the machine measures the amount of volatile sulfur compounds in breath, which gives it an unpleasant smell.

Smell occurs because of problems with the stomach

The general misconception that badsmell rises from the stomach. Only a negligible percentage of the presence of smell is the result of stomach and digestive problems, while the vast majority occur because of foul language.

If you brush your teeth, the smell will disappear

Unfortunately, most people incorrectly cleansteeth, and gives this lesson 30-45 seconds. Not surprisingly, they are missing part of the tooth surfaces where bacteria remain and accumulate, continuing to secrete foul-smelling sulfur compound. Conscious citizens who brush their teeth long enough to use dental threads, may still face the problem of bad breath. Perpetrators of this bacterium again, this time hiding in the language under the protective layer of mucus and proteins. Only one way out - to use cleaner language.

Mouthwashes help

People still believe that rinses - a panacea. Unfortunately, most mouthwashes are sacrificed his own unpleasant smell for 1-2 hours. In addition, standard conditioners can contribute to the formation of bad breath. The fact that they contain a high percentage of an alcohol, which dries the mouth. The bacteria that produce sulfur substances, much better feel in a dry environment. Therefore, it is better to use a new generation of rinses the mouth, based on chlorine dioxide, which attacks the sulfur material on a molecular level.

It is necessary to monitor the food

It is true that a temporary bad smell depends on the recently eaten food - products with high content of sulfur compounds: onion, cabbage and garlic.

At the use of such food, the sulfur components into the blood and are carried with its current throughout the body, including the lungs. Therefore, when you can feel the exhalation of bad breath.

However, chronic fetid odor is notthe result of food eaten, and the result of vital activity of oral bacteria, feeding on the remains of food. In this case, you should not review the diet and to fight by the bacteria by thoroughly brushing your teeth, use dental floss and tongue scraper.

In just three simple steps every day, and you will have a breath of fresh air for many years!

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