Healthy gums - a life without pain


  • Why swell and redden gum?
  • How to remove the inflammation of the gums?
  • A few words about prevention

  • Why
    swell and redden gum?

    Healthy gums - a life without pain
    Gum disease arises from the microbial
    clusters. Reproduction of bacteria in the tissues of the gums - a natural process, the main
    do not let them have begun to actively multiply, and release toxins
    provoke inflammation. Contributes to this, first of all, failure to comply with
    or poor oral hygiene.

    Gingivitis and periodontitis, in fact, two stage single
    inflammation. Gingivitis - an initial phase, which gives a lot of
    discomfort: redness, swollen gums, pain when chewing,
    bleeding, and even bad breath. All these unpleasant symptoms
    able to "unsettle" any representative of the fair sex. Not only
    reduced quality of life: the gums ache, she can not enjoy the food spoils
    mood, there is self-doubt and stiffness in communication.

    If gingivitis is not treated in time, then in its place
    It comes periodontitis. It is even more unpleasant symptoms, and over time,
    It can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease may also indicate the beginning of
    serious diseases like kandidozilistomatit - appearance in the oral cavity
    painful sores.

    reduce inflammation of the gums?

    Remove the pain and eliminate
    swelling with inflammation of the gums to help a unique dental gel
    Holisal complex action. The drug relieves discomfort after
    two or three minutes after application, and due to the adhesive gel base is not Holisal
    It washed away by saliva, so the medical and anesthetic effect lasts up to 8 hours.

    Healthy gums - a life without painThe advantage of the drug
    in that it acts directly on inflammation: choline substance
    salicylate is rapidly absorbed oral mucosa, providing a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. Plus, the effect on the cause of Holisal
    inflammation - eliminates germs. Its constituent material tsetalkoniya chloride
    effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

    words about prevention

    the prevention of gum disease is the correct hygienic care of cavity
    mouth. Unfortunately, brush your teeth twice a day, as testified in childhood
    parents sufficient. What is important is not the fact of tooth brushing and equipment. Process
    It should last for at least two minutes. Begin brushing your teeth in a circular motion,
    then hold the brush on top
    down, "sweeping" plaque. After that, clean the chewing surface.

    It is also important to choose the right toothbrush. Dentists are advised to choose a brush of medium hardness and
    change it every two months. Even better, if you purchase an electric
    a rotating brush. Studies have shown that it removes 98.2% of plaque on
    Compared with the conventional brush which removes only 48.6%.

    Also, use
    mouthwash after every meal. Every six months, dentist
    - He will hold a professional teeth cleaning and will assess the condition of the gums.

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