If a toothache after treatment of pulpitis and deep caries ...


  • Physiological causes of pain after treatment of pulpitis
  • After filling a toothache? So pulpitis treated properly!

  • Aching tooth after treatment of pulpitis what to do?Treatment of deep caries, accompanied bypulpitis - a complex multi-step process. First tooth depulpiruetsya, cleansed of decayed dead tissue and carefully prepared for sealing. This is followed by recovery of the shape using a dental crown restorative materials.

    It would appear, the disease is cured, but whyso often a toothache after treatment of pulpitis? The causes are many: from the completely objective physiological, ending subjective, reflecting the poor quality of the dental care.

    Physiological causes of pain after treatment of pulpitis

    A short dull, aching and aggravated by pressure on the tooth pain after therapeutic treatment of pulpitis is quite normal and understandable phenomenon.

    • pulpitis Treatment involves removal of the neurovascular bundle, and injury of the nervous tissue naturally leads to the fact that after depulpatsii saved some soreness of the tooth.
    • In the treatment of deep caries tooth canals treated with a special tool, which also hurts the tooth and periodontal tissue.
    • When etching the tooth roots, some of the chemicals for the redistribution of root gets annoying periodontal tissue and causes pain after a tooth filling.
    • With the introduction of the gingival retraction cord in order to bestOverlay filling material and creating an anatomically correct shape it is exposed tooth neck, which in turn can cause the appearance of pain and acute reaction on temperature and chemical stimuli thereafter.

    After filling a toothache? So pulpitis treated properly!

    Toothache after pulpitis treatment may be associated with poor quality work the dentist.

    • Incomplete root canal filling. When tight closing jaws recentlyWhat if a toothache after pulpitis? treatment of tooth pain. Pulpitis becomes periodontitis, there is a feeling as if the crown of the tooth has become higher and prevents tightly to close the jaw, sometimes the body temperature rises, there is a malaise, a tooth begins to become loose.
    • Yield filling material beyond furcation and the result - a toothache after pulpitis, whichaldeady no. Contact material mandibular nerve canal and all causes painful pain, loss of the lower lip and the skin sensitivity of the chin.
    • If strongly toothache after treatment of pulpitis, it is worth thinking about tool breakage, Its presence in the root canal of the fragment leads to the development of periodontitis.
    • Toothache after pulpitis may be caused by perforation or fracture of the tooth root low qualifications of the doctor, deep lesionscaries, convoluted and difficult passable root canals. Toothache in this case there is immediately after the treatment, the end effect of anesthesia, it is aching in nature and amplified when tapped on the tooth.
    • If you are treated caries and still can not get rid of a toothache, it is possible that the used itemlombirovochnye materials cause resentment your body.
    • If after treatment, the dentist took a few months and have again started to hurt a tooth, pulpitis It was not recovered until the endCaries continues to evolve and the inflammatory process has already gone beyond the roots of the teeth. The reasons for this phenomenon lie in the low-quality sealing of channels and cavities.

    Severe pain after treatment of pulpitis, how to be?The conclusion from the above is that if within 1-3 days toothache after the pulpit, do not panic. Physiological pain that occurs after dental treatment, do not require treatment to the dentist. They are not strong enough to affect the quality of life and will be on their own within a few days. Get rid of the pain can help simple analgesics and mouth rinse with warm soda solution.

    If the toothache is so strong that it prevents you live or lasts too long, it is sure torefer to the dentist. Poorly installed seals are removed, tooth dolechen and sealed again. With the tooth will have to say good-bye, if the cause of the pain has become a fracture or perforation of the root. A positive aspect is that the subsequent orthopedic treatment will be carried out by a medical institution, because the tooth loss has been caused by medical error.

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