Coal activated and other sorbents

Surely, many are familiar with black pills in paper packaging with the inscription «Coal activated». He refers to enterosorbents. Having gathered on itself all poices and toxins, enterosorbents are derived from the intestine naturally. They must be necessary to have in a home or any other aid kit. These are safe and effective preparations that can help with many illnesses.

Readers Our site, for sure, are familiar with black pills in paper packaging with the inscription «Coal activated». As you know, the carbon tablets activated help with poisoning.

Coal activated refers to enterosorbents. What enterosorbents are? If we translate with Latin literally, we get «Absorbing in the intestines», that is, they collect all, being in the intestines. It is collecting poisons and toxins that exactly in the intestines and there is the main action of the coal activated. Having gathered on itself all poices and toxins, enterosorbents are derived from the intestine naturally. In addition to coal activated to enterosorbents include a number of drugs: polysorb, polyfepan, enterosgel. The properties of enterosorbents have not only medicines, but also some components of food, such as bran, fiber, pectin.

How to act Enterosorbents

Coal activated and other sorbents
Coal activated - nothing but a carbon with a very large surface due to the presence of a giant number of pores. There are two main mechanisms based on which the coal activated removes pollutants: adsorption and catalytic reduction (the process forcing the negatively charged pollutant ions to positively charged activated carbon). Organic compounds are removed by adsorption, and residual disinfectants, such as chlorine and chlorine, are removed by catalytic reduction. Prerequisite for the action of activated carbon - the presence of water, that is, activated carbon absorbs dissolved and suspended substances. In addition to medicine, the coal activated is used in many industries for cleaning liquids, as well as in domestic filters for water and in gas masks.

Polysorb, Unlike coal activated, is a white very light powder of colloidal silicon dioxide.

Polyface - This is a lignin hydrolysis, has a macropuric structure, by type of black and brown powder.

Enterosgel - gel of the silicone compound, the white translucent, has a solid porous globular structure (like a sponge) with a certain set of pores, the size of which allows to bind and remove only toxic substances in the molecular weight range from 70 to 1000 A. E. Sorbitant medium molecular weight substances: toxic compounds, spree products of protein, bilirubin, cholesterol, urea, creatinine. Does not affect trace elements and other useful substances.

Indications for the use of enterosorbents

Coal activated and other sorbents
Common testimony Coal activated, Polysorba, Polyface and enterosgel There will be: acute and chronic intoxication, drug poisoning, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals, alcohol and other poisons, food and drug allergies, dyspepsia, diarrhea, in complex therapy of intestinal infections, renal failure, diseases of the liver, oncological diseases, abstine-alcohol syndrome ( hangover).

Additional readings for receiving Activated coal: hypersecretion of mucus, hydrochloric acid, gastric juice, Violations of metabolism, Preparation for radiological and endoscopic studies (to reduce gas content in the intestine), burn disease in the stage of toxemia and septicotoxmia.

Polysorb, In addition to common appointments for sorbents, the residents of environmentally unfavorable regions and workers of harmful industries are shown in order to prevent.

Polytepan is also used in lipid metabolism (atherosclerosis, obesity).

Enterosgel Also prescribed at cholestasis of various origin, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (enterocolit, gastritis, Colitis, diarrhea, pre-registration syndrome, ulcerative ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, rotavirus infections, etc.); Skin diseases (neurodermit, diathesis, etc.); early gestosis, in the complex Treatment of intestinal dysbiosis.

The contraindication for all sorbents is intestinal obstruction and intestinal atony, that is, the states in which the sorbent cannot be removed from the body, the activated carbon, polysorb and polyfepan are not used for the stomach ulcer.

MirSet readers should be remembered that all enterosorbents are incompatible with any medications and food. They should be applied separately, withstanding the interval of 1-2 hours.

Rules of Prima Enterosorbents

Coal activated and other sorbents
Before applying enterosorbents, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions.

Apply drugs for a long time better on the recommendation of the doctor.

It is necessary to calculate the dosage by body weight. A smaller dosage will not affect the overestimated can lead to a constation.

The dose of coal activated in tablets and polyfepan in tablets is usually calculated on the basis of formula 1 tablet for each full and incomplete 10 kg of body weight.

Enterosorbents should either stir in sufficient water (for adults it is about a glass), or wash the glass of water. During treatment, enterosorbents should use a sufficient amount of fluid.

With long-term use of enterosorbents, the absorption of vitamins and calcium is possible (additionally Take vitamins and calcium).

The course of treatment enterosorbents should not exceed 10-14 days, it is recommended to take a break for 2-3 weeks before re-course.

How to choose enterosorbent

Coal activated and other sorbents
Coal activated and Polysorb are non-selective enterosorbents, so in acute poisoning it is better to prefer them. They must be sure to put in Home Asthechka. In general, in the first-aid kit there can be any enterosorbent, simply packing of coal tablets of activated or several dosed polysorb bags occupy a much less space than, for example, a tube with enterosgel.

Polysorb It is more convenient to apply children due to the fact that it is dosed with spoons, there is no need to grind a tablet, it turns out a white uniform suspension, which children are offered to drink through the straw (children under the age of the suspension can be pouring into her mouth with a syringe without a needle). It is known that the black color does not like the children, so it is difficult to force a child to drink coal activated or polypan powder.

Enterosgel and Polyface more suitable for long term applications.

Forms of release

Coal activated and other sorbents
Coal activated: Tablets, capsules (carbophect, ultrasorb), powder for making suspension and paste (microsorb-p).

Polysorb MP: Powder in a bank (12, 25, 35, 50 g), Powder in sachet in a single dose for children 1 g, for adults 3 g.

Polyface: Powder, Tablets (Entiregnin, Filter), Chewable Tablets (Filter Safari).

Enterosgel: Gel for the preparation of suspension for reception inside, paste for receiving inside (sometimes sweet and savory).

Non-economic enterosorbents

Coal activated and other sorbents
In addition to drugs, the properties of sorbents have such components of food as pectin, bran, fiber.

Pectin - High molecular weight polysaccharide formed by the residues of galacturonic acid. Contains mainly in fruits and algae. Pectin sorbs salts of heavy metals and radionucleides due to the formation of coordination ties, reduces cholesterol levels. The rate of use of pectin - 4-8 g per day, and in conditions of increased radioactive contamination - 15-16 g per day. In industry, pectin is obtained from citrus, apple refillaments, baskets of sunflowers, sugar beet. Use pectin and as a gelling agent and thickener in the production of desserts, dairy products, mayonnaise, ketchup, where it is part of Food additive E440. Tribes with pectin are produced, for example «Pectin with dissolved», «Citrus Pectin».

Bran represent a byproduct grinding grain on flour, that is, the shells of grains. Bran are a source of coarse nutritional fibers that are very useful for the intestinal operation. Bran contain 28-30% hemicellulose, 10% cellulose, 3% of lignin and 2% of pectin, and in addition, bran contain vitamins of group in. Bran are produced in the form of powder and in granules with various additives (apple, carrots, seaweed, beet, milled, and dr.). Cuts in powder are designed for independent bearing and adding to different dishes (porridge, baking) or use with yogurt or kefir. Very useful bread with bran. The rate of consumption of bran up to 30 g per day. Contraindicated bran people with ulcerative ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, colitis and gastritis. Biologically active additive based on bran Revital RD.

Cellulose - Rough part of plant food, which is not digested in the intestine of a person, that is, food fibers. The fiber is capable of removing excess sugar and cholesterol from the body, thereby preventing the development of atherosclerosis and Sugar diabetes. The rate of use of fiber 25-30 g per day. Rich in fiber almost all vegetables, fruits, legumes, solid grain. And the smaller the product was processed, the more fiber in it, for example, there is a fiber in fruits, but there is no fruit juice. There are biodulatures with fiber, which is powder and are designed to add to food.

So, unlikely sorbents are part of a healthy nutrition. Our site readers useful to use enough pectins, bran and fiber to be healthy. And activated carbon, polysorb, polyfepan and enterosgel let them lie just in case in the first-aid kit. After all, these are safe and effective drugs that can help with many illnesses by the fact that they will take on all poices and toxins and bring them naturally.

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